Strike Witches

The Only Vivid Things In Vividred Operation Are The Colors

Vividred Operation

Do not be confused by its rainbow-inspiring name – Vividred Operation is a grey magical girls show that tries to mimicking its predecessors but does a lousy job. Continue reading »

Incoming New Trigun Figure, Hanna-Justina Marseille Rivalry And Poor Nendoroid Suction Cups

Hanna-Justina Marseille Alter

First we get a release date for that awesome Trigun figure. Next, we check out Alter’s answer to Volks’ Hanna Justina Marseille figure. And then I rent a bit about Good Smiles not-so-ideal new Nendoroid suction stands and clip stands. Continue reading »

The Strike Witches Review Is Now Available

TStrike Witches Boxhe Strike Witches Blu-ray and DVD combo pack review is now available here and in the reviews section.

If you read my reviews than you’ve probably noticed that at the end of each review there are links to related reviews. Now, these links are not an automated feed – I actually pick them myself and always try to link to series with a similar genre, mood, complexity and art style. Unfortunately when the time came to add related review links for the Strike Witches review I found out I haven’t yet reviewed any series that matches its genre or characteristicsEmbarassed
So There won’t be any related review links for it, at least until October when the limited edition of Strike Witches 2 comes out.


Eila Ilmatar’s Juutilainen Strike Witches Figma

eila 5

From figure maker Max Factory come the latest addition to their Strike Witches figma line. The Eila Ilmatar’s Juutilainen Figma is simple but effective. Much like Eila herself is in the anime. Continue reading »

Anime Of The Future

Read or Die Rehabilitation

The arrival of a new season filled with anime is nice. Reading about awesome series coming out in the near future is also nice. But here in Anime Reviews we think even further and we’ve come up with a list of five titles that we believe will be released in the far future. The challenge here was to find five series which haven’t even been announced, yet have a very big chance of coming our way in a year, or two, or three. We present you with the anime of the future. Continue reading »

FUNimation Will Be Spreading Some Anime Love In July

Heartman Strike Witches

Remember all of those classic anime series that FUNimation rescued from ADV and Geneon? Well, prepare for some good news because FUNimation is preparing to release a couple of these and has a few more surprises coming your way.

Continue reading »

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