Vash the Stampede 1/8 ARTFX J Kotobukiya Figure Review

Trigun Kotobukiya1

With its crimson jacket, trigger-unhappy gun and spikey hair the new Vash the Stampede figure from Kotobukiya is the best Vash figure yet. Continue reading »

Incoming New Trigun Figure, Hanna-Justina Marseille Rivalry And Poor Nendoroid Suction Cups

Hanna-Justina Marseille Alter

First we get a release date for that awesome Trigun figure. Next, we check out Alter’s answer to Volks’ Hanna Justina Marseille figure. And then I rent a bit about Good Smiles not-so-ideal new Nendoroid suction stands and clip stands. Continue reading »

Five Anime series That Could Use A Revised Version


It used to be the case that once an anime series goes off the air you will only be seeing it again in VHS/DVD form. Those old series from the 80s and 90s can still be seen in their old glory either on physical media (when possible) or using the almighty internet. But recently we’ve seen old series receiving new life in revised versions. Continue reading »

Trigun DVD Review

The Trigun DVD review is up in the reviews section and here. If you watched the Trigun anime and liked it you might want to check the Trigun manga. The manga starts similiar to the anime but after the first two volumes branches off into a different direction. If I’d have to point out the difference I’d say the manga is a little more sci-fi then the anime.

One thing that often stands out about old anime is the use of Engrish – badly written English that was probably never spell checked by anyone remotely familiar with the English language. Trigun has its fair share of Engrish too: The city of May is misspelled on a sign post that refers to her as Mai. One character is called Rem Saverem, but the production studio horribly misspelled her name and she appears in the population archives as Lem Sayblem. Funny how these things used to pass unnoticed. I’m sure that the animation studios are more aware of these problems today and fix them in time for the DVD/BD release.

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