Summer 2013 Anime Season Digest – Half Point

Summer 2013 Anime Season Digest – Half Point

The Summer 2013 anime season is alive and kicking! This time around we have a few old series which are trying to make a comeback, one original anime and a couple of not so original ones. As most of these anime approach their half point it’s time yet again to separate the good anime from the time-wasters. Continue reading »

Young Animator Training Project 2012 Short Films Review

Death Billiards

I’ve recently watch the four short anime films that took part in the young animator training project 2012. So were they any good? And what exactly is this project? Continue reading »

2013 Winter Anime Season Retrospective

Robotics;Notes end

The 2013 Winter anime season was remarkably strong, with more than one or two notable series that you should definitely watch. Continue reading »

Wolf Children Movie Review

Wolf Children

The Girl who Leapt Through Time and Summer Wars were two undeniable success stories back in their day. Coming from such a background director Hosoda Mamoru had a hefty reputation to uphold with his new movie, and I’m very happy to announce that Wolf Children upholds this reputation with ease. Continue reading »

2013 Winter Anime Season Half Point Review

2013 Winter Anime Season Half Point Review

The 2013 Winter anime season continued to ride the wave of interesting and unique series that began in late 2012. Accordingly a few new shows have been added and some old favorites have advanced to their final stages.
The list is all shuffled as the new and old collide! Check it out to see which new series ranked higher than most of the oldies, and which series took the honorable title of best anime of the Winter season. Continue reading »

The Ghost In The Shell: Stand Alone Complex: Solid State Society Blu-ray Review Is Now Available

The Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex: Solid State Society is now available here and in the anime reviews section.

GITS SAC SSS Blu-ray CaseI’ve had the pleasure of reading the entire Ghost in the Shell manga and watching the original movie (about six or seven times) and all the GITS:SAC media. Among those my all times favorites are the first season of Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex and the Solid State Society. The first season of GITS:SAC advanced the franchise forward by being more coherent and more informative than its predecessors. Solid State Society goes one step further and redirects GITS back to its manga roots without taking away from its TV charm. It’s an intricate movie, yet less demanding than its older siblings. I hope to eventually cover the entire GITS spectrum here on Anime Reviews. But for now I’m just satisfied by how good Solid State Society turned out to be.



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