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Anime Reviews Wants You!

Write with Anime Reviews

Anime Reviews is looking for passionate writers with an interest in Japanese popular culture. If you like any aspect of Japanese popular culture and always wanted your opinion to be read by thousands of netizens consider joining our humble team. Continue reading »

AnimeReviews Turns One Year Old

Tired with Baloons

A whole year in anime reviewing has ended. Today AnimeReviews turns one year old! In celebration I’ve decided to write a little bit on the reviews of yesteryear, the few upcoming changed that will probably happen in the following weeks and my hopes for AnimeReviews in the near future. Come on in and enjoy the blabber. There’s cake! Continue reading »

Do You Like AnimeReviews’ Comment System?

Comments AnimeReviews

Comments are important to us here. We love hearing what you think about our posts and reviews, and would like to help you express your opinions in the most convenient way possible. So I’ve decided to let you choose which type of comment system you’d prefer to use. Please take a minute of your time and vote in a poll to let us know which comment system you prefer. Continue reading »

Building Our Japanese Base

Anime will be back this Saturday. We are currently constructing our temporary (yet super high-tech) Japanese base. Please bear with us until we conquer Japan make all the arrangements required to give you quality content from Japan.

Under Construction

Anime Reviews Is Going On A Trip To Japan

Going to Japan

Starting July Anime will temporarily relocate to Japan. What does this mean? It means exclusive movie reviews, newer anime reviews, event coverage from Japan and more. Continue reading »

God Is In The Small Details

The website has just passed a major upgrade. Here are the new additions and changes:

  • Full smartphone support now available. You can now enjoy a sleek new customized web interface when visiting Anime Reviews from your Iphones and Androids.
  • Articles tab added to the Anime Reviews menu.This is essentially an archive page which will collect all the articles published on the website for easy access.
  • Comments system now changed to Disqus. What this essentially means is better looking comments and support of image and video posting. Many popular websites use this system these days so I’m giving it a go.
  • Related posts recommendation thingy added. Now you can see related posts and articles at the end of each post/review. How handy!

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