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New Trophy earned!

Yay! I got my first trophy! Who did I get it from? The internet spirits of course.

It’s been three months since Anime Reviews went up, and I think the blog/reviews website has been doing pretty good. I managed to squeeze all the reviews I had the time to write. My goal is always to write a good review, which by my standards means a review that touches on the content of the anime, the quality of DVD/BD and the overall impression. I’ll try to maintain my current pace for reviewing and, of course, blog a bit more.

I’ve only two small grieves with the current state of the website. The first is about the layout of the main page, which I will eventually pay someone to change for me (because I know nothing about HTML, CSS or Jquery). The second are the comments, or more specifically the lack of them. I’d love to see more of you comment on my reviews and blog posts. Like my review? Say it! Dislike my review? Speak up and make your stand. Have a specific question about something I didn’t mention in the review? Fire away!

Changes and additions to the website

Here’s a quick list of all the new interface-related stuff which were added to Anime Reviews during the last couple of weeks:

  • Removed CAPTCH from the comment form and added a tick box instead. This saves people time and still filters bots nicely.
  • Added an RSS feed, which can be found in the link section to the right.
  • Added a legal disclaimer (Just in case ;)), which can be found in the link section to the right.
  • Added an upcoming review status bar on the right. This allows me to update you on the status of the next review with ease.
  • Added a contact me page in the main menu. Use it if you want to write me a private massage.
  • Added pull quotes to the reviews. I love pull quotes and will use one to spice things up whenever I write a long review.
  • Unified the font and text size on all reviews. I’m currently using the Ultimate TinyMCE plugin to write on this blog and couldn’t do it without it. I’d like to thank Josh Lobe for creating this essential and usefull WordPress plugin. If you’re a WordPress user you own it you yourself to check out his website. I’ve added his website’s link to my brand new blogroll, so feel free to visit whenever you feel like it.

Recent Additions to the Website’s Interface

Happy new year everyone!
First thing first, the next anime review will be up tomorrow. I had a very busy week, what with all the holidays and all. Plus I’m reviewing a 24 episodes series this time.

This post, however, concerns with the more technical side of this website. a month has passed since Anime Reviews’ inception and I’ve implemented some simple additions to the website. Here’s a list of all the current features available:

  • Added a Favicon.
  • Added a tag cloud.
  • Tinkered with the search button and general website layout.
  • Completed the Frequently Asked Questions section.
  • Changed the font for the anime reviews. From now on all reviews will be written in Times New Roman, because it looks better than the default Arial font WordPress uses but isn’t too showy. All prior reviews will be retroactively changed to Times New Roman in a couple of weeks’ time.
  • Added a Facebook page for Anime Reviews. You can access it using the link here, the sticky link on the right side of the website, or search for it on Facebook. Anime Reviews’ facebook page will be updated everytime a new review is up but usually won’t concern itself with the daily blog posts.
  • Added CAPTCHA for comments and made the e-mail field optional. You can now choose not to enter your e-mail address when posting. However, filling up the e-mail field is still needed for displaying gravatars, so if you want your gravatar to appear in your comment you’ll still need to enter your e-mail address.

Things I intend to add in the near future:

  • RSS feed (will be added in a couple of weeks).
  • A better comment posting interface which will allow users to edit their comments after posting them (will be added next week).
  • A slider for promoting the website’s content (will be added in a month or two. I’m still working on the code itself, and the website could use more content before a slider becomes a useful addition).

The beginning

Welcome to Anime Reviews! So, what is so unique about this website that separates it from most of the other anime reviews sites out there? Well, Anime Reviews’ goal is to review physical copies of (mostly) U.S. releases of anime DVDs and BDs. The website’s goal is to give you a well-balanced review which includes information about the quality of the video, audio and subtitles used in the official DVD/BD as well as a balanced opinion about the show/OVA/movie itself. I’ll be posting my first review and a detailed “about” page (with further information regarding to the essence of Anime Reviews) in a couple of days. Stay Tuned.

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