Anime Reviews Is Going On A Trip To Japan

Going to Japan

Starting July Anime will temporarily relocate to Japan. What does this mean? It means exclusive movie reviews, newer anime reviews, event coverage from Japan and more.

Note: The original content of this post has been lost due to an unfortunate backup error. The following is a summary I have rewritten from scratch. Sadly the comments from the original post were also deleted due to the backup error. I would like to apologize to Kai and Nopy who were kind enough to comment on the original post.


In July I’ll be going on a trip to Japan. Once there I’ll team up with Kazuo and offer reports and reviews directly from Japan. Here are some things you should expect in the upcoming months:

Figure reviews. Well, actually we already have figure reviews, but I wanted to use this opportunity to officially introduce our figure-reviewing contributor Kazuo. Kazuo is the newest addition to our (currently very small) team here at Anime Reviews. He’s a Japanese university student and a friend of mine who has agreed to write figure reviews for us. He has already begun to write weekly reviews and will keep doing so throughout the year.

Exclusive movie reviews. In July we’ll watch Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha The MOVIE 2nd A’s in the theatre and come back to report! Other movie reviews will be written in the future when new movies come out in Japan (we intend to review Asura in October).

Event coverage from anime, figure and cosplay related events. In August our friend Laila from Cosplay in a Bottle will attend Comiket 82, take pictures at the cosplay arena and post them here. Later we’ll report from Tokyo Game Show 2012, Cosmode 2012 and any other anime/manga/figure/game convention we’ll be able to sneak in unnoticed.

More anime and art book reviews. In July we’ll be reviewing the Black Rock Shooter BD Box, the .hack//Sekai no mukou ni movie Blu-ray and the .hack//Versus PS3 game. In addition, since I’ll have easier access to them, there will be more art book reviews.

So how will you be able to enjoy all this new content? It’s simple. Keep reading Anime! We promise the following months will be anything but boring.


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