Gia: Moefication Of Chemicals

Carbon MonoxideMoefication is the practice of converting a certain object or subject into a cute/sexy girl (and occasionaly a boy). Various things have been submitted to this treatment in recent years: the girls in the Hyperdimension Neptunia video games are moefications of game consoles, the girls in “Understand the World’s Countries Via Moe!” are moefications of countries, and the girls in the anime Upotte! are moefications of guns.
Gia, an artist active on Pixiv, chose some very peculiar fields for his moefications; From chemicals and particles to phobias and plants.

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According to his Pixiv profile Gia “mainly focuses on drawing machines and girls. Sometimes I draw Touho Project and Vocaloid as well.” Gia’s style is characterized by sharp edges. The knives, the guns and even the faces of the girls are rendered with sharp lines. In some of his drawings the girls have spikes instead of feet, adding to this jagged image.


Hydrochloric AcidThe encyclopedic information provided with the art adds to the professional feel of the drawings. It almost feels like Gia was drawing these for a future Encyclopedia of Chemicals Via Moe book. Those wondering about the tools Gia uses from his art will be interested in knowing that he uses an intuos4 graphic tablet for drawing, Sai for coloring and Photoshop for effects and layering.


Poison V2

Aside from chemicals Gia has drawn moefications of varies other subjects, such as particles, phobias and even vermin.




Bella Donna

More artworks by Gia can be found on his Pixiv page.

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