The best and worst of My Hero Academia Season 3

The third season of My Hero Academia was filled with competitions, life threatening situations and the passing of the torch from All Might to Deku. Here are 3 aspects this season nailed and 3 the series still needs to improve upon. Continue reading »

The truth about Goblin Slayer

It has the most provocative first episode in recent anime history, but Goblin Slayer’s latter episodes are less dark and feature many homages to D&D and video games. Continue reading »

Attack on Titan season 3 review

The third season of Attack on Titan does away with the Titans in favor of character development and world-building. Not having Titans around for most of the season and basing the story on discussions (and a few fights) between the regular humans was a big risk to take, but in the grand scheme of the show it paid off nicely. Continue reading »

Dragon Pilots has artistic issues

Between its impressive music, quirky characters and weird premise, there's a lot to like about Dragon Pilots. But due to its use of a comedic art style to depict a serious story the series falters where it truly matters. Continue reading »

Ghost in the Shell: Arise offers a refreshing change to the formula

Ghost in the Shell: Arise

Arise shakes the cyber police enforcement franchise by making the main character more vulnarable. Continue reading »

A first look at Death Parade

Death Billiards

The continuation to 2012's brilliant short film Death Billiards is finally here. Death Parade isn't as grim or surprising as Death Billiards was, but still manages to be good in its own right. Continue reading »

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