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Update: as of July 2013 we no longer accept new link exchanges. We feel that we have added enough quality blogs and websites to our blogroll and wish to maintain the current list as is. If you still wish to exchange links with Anime Reviews AND has a special reason for doing so (something that we will find special that is) AND answer to all our criteria below feel free to contact us nonetheless.

Original Page (not relevant but still here for all those who wish to try their luck):

Being part of a dedicated community is always better than going at it alone, and there sure are some passionate people in the blogging community!

If you have a manga/anime/figure/otaku related website or blog and would like to exchange links with Anime Reviews please don’t hesitate to ask! You can ask below in the comments or use the Contact Us tab. Here are the rules regarding our exchange policy:

  • Anime Reviews doesn’t link to websites who offer free downloads of episodes/music/games and the like. In extension to this rule we will also not accept link exchange requests from websites who carry links to websites which offer that kind of content.
  • The links we use in our “recommended websites” sidebar (aka our blogroll) are “dofollow”. We expect those who exchange links with use to do the same. If you put a “nofollow” link for us in your blogroll you will feel our wrath we will not link back to you. Please be nice and link properly.
  • If you own a database (aka not an IP website or blog) and would like to exchange links we can add you to our reciprocal links list bellow.
  • Anime Reviews doesn’t link to obscene or pornographic websites.
  • We do not link to Facebook, Reddit or any other social network account. Please only apply if you have a real website.
  • We only link to websites and blogs that are directly related to Japanese culture. Please do not ask us to link to your monster truck blog (and yes, someone did contact us in the past to do just that).
  • We generally only accept link exchanges from websites with PR 2 or up. This usually is what sets the new from the old and those who put a lot of effort from those that don’t. If your website isn’t even indexed don’t bother asking us for a link exchange. Such is life.
  • Finally, we will be deciding whether or not to exchange links with your website/blog after viewing it for ourselves. We retain the final decision to choose whether to link our website to yours or not. Please understand this and don’t think badly of us if we decline your offer.

The rules above might seem a little strict but fear not – we are eager to find new friends to link to and appreciate every request/question/comment you make. So please feel free to approach us.

Our reciprocal links:

Directory World

The Moo Web Directory
Human Edited Web Directory with strong one way links with options for free or paid reviews
Free Web Directory

Including Anime Resources, Offer automatic, instant and free directory submissions.
Free Directories Get Free directory traffic
Listed in LS Blogs The Blog Directory and Blog Search Engine.

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