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Thank you for being interested in advertising on Anime Reviews. Created in 2011, we are a relatively new yet bustling website catering to anime, manga and figure fans. We pride ourselves on our high quality articles, polished pages and ever-increasing page views.


Want to advertise on our website but tight on the budget? Don’t worry. We have a myriad of inexpensive and attractive advertising plans. The plans start from as low as $10. Our plans focus on flexibility, giving you the amount of advertisement space you desire in the place you prefer. Want a full website overhaul that will glorify your brand? You got it! Prefer a more subtle banner on the top, bottom or side of the pages? We have you covered. All you need to do is chose what fits for you. For more information on our current pricing for each advertisement method please contact us via our contact form.

Advertisement Types

We currently have five advertisement types:

  • Floating banners. Placed in the page margins these banners “float” with the page, always staying in their current location even if the page is scrolled down. You can use either the right or left margins of Anime Reviews, or go for a big impression by using both left and right ads at the same time.
    Examples 1, example 2.
  • Upper-Right Sidebar Banner. Placed on the upper right side of the right widget sidebar this banner will be one of the first things a reader notices when entering the website.
  • Middle-Right Sidebar Banner. Placed in the right sidebar just after the Featured Posts widget this ad type is not noticeable unless the reader scrolls down the page. However this advertisement type can be used to host big “tower type” banners that stretch 400,500 or even 600px height.
  • Footer Banner. Placed in the bottom of the website this advertisement type is most suited for wide banners.
  • Footer Gallery. Place in the bottom of the website the footer gallery is a powerful advertisement tool with many conventional and unconventional uses. Instead of placing just one banner like you would do with the classic footer banner type here you can display multiple images and link them to multiple pages. This means you can imbed charts, sliders, carousels or questioners.

*Please note that animated gif banners or images can only be used in the Footer Banner or Footer Gallery advertisment types.


Anime Reviews is a clean website, both in terms of written expression and imagery. We will not do business with websites offering illegal downloads (of any kind), dealing with gambling or pornography.

Still here? Good! Contact us now and we will do our best to find the most affordable and suitable program that suits your needs.