Write For Anime Reviews

Anime Reviews is looking for passionate writers with an interest in Japanese popular culture. If you like any aspect of Japanese popular culture and always wanted your opinion to be read by thousands of netizens consider joining our humble team.

Anime Reviews is recruiting new writers who would like to write about the following fields:

  • Anime
  • Manga
  • Visual novels
  • Figures
  • Light novels
  • Artbooks
  • JRPGs

If you are interested in writing about any of the above fields here are our basic requirements:

  • Good English writing skills. You will be writing in English and must be able to write coherent and natural English sentences.
  • Understand the concept of moderation. We want to hear your opinion and don’t expect you to be unbiased. However, you must be able to express yourself in a moderate way without offending or badmouthing those who do not agree with your opinion.
  • No cursing, nudity or racism allowed.
  • The articles you will write must be related to the above stated fields and must not contain commercial links or call-to-action sentences.
  • Be ok with working for free. As you may know we are not a company or an organization. We don’t get paid and unfortunately that means we won’t be able to pay you for your articles.


Still here? Good. Here are some reasons to join:

  • Your articles will be posted on Anime Reviews’ home page and be visible to thousands of readers each month.
  • If you have a website we will add it to our website blogroll!
  • After a few months you’ll get an email address with the @animereviews.co extension. How cool is that!
  • You will be able to add one dofollow link to each of your articles (optional. Don’t worry if you’re not familiar with the term).
  • You get your very own author box after your article so that readers get to know you better! (you can see an example the author box on this article).

How to apply:

Use our contact form to send us your name, age, email and a short article (or a few paragraphs from an article) you wrote. We will evaluate your application based on that article and get back to you.