2012 Autumn Anime Season Retrospective A surprisingly good season ends. It’s time to check which dubious series turned out to be a great investment and which promising series turned out to be a mighty waste of time. (January)

Anime Reviews’ 2013 Anime Predictions Predicting what anime will or will not grace your TV screens in the upcoming year. (January)


The Future of the U.S. Anime Market What should we expect from the U.S. anime market in the following years? (January)

Join the ClubDo school clubs like the ones you see in anime really exist or are they just fictitious creations born for the viewers’ amusement? (February)

How old is too old? – The thin line that separates between an old classic and a classic that’s just too old to be watched. (April)

Anime of the Future – It’s easy to write about things that are already available. So we’ve challenged ourselves to write about five series which haven’t even been announced, yet have a very big chance of coming our way in a year, or two, or three. (April)

The Remembering Love Series –  Nadav reminisce over four series that affected him emotionally, shaped his personality and defined his expectations from anime. (May)

Spring 2012 Anime Season Digest – Half Point – As the spring 2012 anime season reaches its half point we stop to admire, ridicule and genuinely consider the validity of most of the anime series available this season. (May)

Anime’s Influence On The Japanese Society A short look on the ways in which anime has influenced the Japanese society. (June)

Spring 2012 Anime Season Retrospective – Read about the ugly, the bad and the good. Also, discover what was the best spring anime series. (July)

Six Series That Needs To Be Released In The U.S. On Blu-ray – The tragic story behind six series that were released on DVD in the U.S. albeit being available on glorious Blu-ray form in Japan. (July)

Believe It: Anime Sells More Copies In The U.S. Than It Does In Japan – Examaning why Western fans are not the supporting pillar of the Japanese anime industry but nonetheless buy more anime DVDs than their Japanese counterparts. (August)

2012 Summer Anime Season – Half Point – What do an alien invasion, midgets, online gaming and body-switching have in common? Why, you can find them all and more in the 2012 summer half point review! (August)

Are Old Anime The New Hype? – Finding out how old anime series can compete on market shares with the newest anime series available. (September)

2012 Summer Anime Season Retrospective – We review one of the less poignant anime seasons in a while and give you heads-up on what you shouldn’t miss. (October)

Shounen Jump Addiction: Watching One Series For More Than 10 Years – A short look at why Shounen Jump series are so addictive despite being stupendously long. (October)

10 Most Common Japanese Brands Spotted In Anime – A guide to the various Japanese brands that appear time and time again in anime series. (November)

The 5 Biggest Anime Surprises Of 2012 – 2012 brought with it many anime announcements, releases and general tid-bits of fun. We count 5 among them that were especially surprising and equally exciting. (December)

The 5 Biggest Anime Disappointments Of 2012 – Sometimes things just don’t happen according to plan. Expectations are not met, releases are delayed, products are mishandled and business opportunities are missed. (December)

Autumn 2012 Anime Season Digest – Half Point – After going through two arguably slow anime seasons the flood gates finally open and we joyously ride a stream of quality series into the bright horizon. (December)


Top 10 Forgotten Anime List A list of 10 anime series that are currently hard to acquire and should definitely get a rerelease. (December)

2011 Winter Anime Season Retrospective – Our guide to the good and bad anime that aired on the 2011 winter anime season (March)



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