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In the beginning of each new year I like to play a little game in which I predict how the upcoming anime year will unfold. A new year brings new predictions and I’m here yet again to share some of mine. But this time around if you happen to have an anime blog of your own you can also take part!

Those of you who only wish to read Anime Reviews’ 2013 anime predictions can jump right to the list below. However if you have an anime blog you have the opportunity to join us in a carnival and post your own list of predictions!
How does this work? Simply write a post for you blog detailing your own predictions (I wrote five predictions but you can write as many as you see fit),  link back to this page and notify me (either in the comment section bellow or by form) that you are participating. I will then add you to a special also participating in the 2013 anime predictions list in the bottom of this post and link back to your post. The deadline for submitting your predictions is February 1st. This is the first time I’m creating a carnival, so please participate and make it a lively one.

With that in mind, here are my predictions for 2013:


1. Naruto manga will end; Naruto Shippuuden will enter filler hell

Kishimoto Masashi (the mangaka behind Naruto) has already stated he plans on ending Naruto soon so it is very possible he will end it during 2013. The thing is: the end of the manga does not necessarily signal the end of the anime. In this specific case chances are high that Studio Pierrot and Shounen Jump will decide to prolong Naruto Shippuuden by a season or two to keep the manga sales high for at least a year after the manga’s finale. I predict the Naruto manga will end in mid-2013 but Naruto Shippuuden will enter filler hell and will not wrap itself properly until late 2014.

2. A Read or Die Rehabilitation OVA will be announced during 2013

The R.O.D.Rehabilitation manga breathed new life into the R.O.D franchise. It dragged R.O.D into darker grounds and at the same time provided us more of the supernatural battles we loved in the original OVA and TV series. However the R.O.D.Rehabilitation manga is being published in such a sluggish pace that it would take years to make a full series out of it. An OVA, perhaps with episodes that will be released across the following two years, seems like a better choice for this tale of reading or dying. I expect to hear an announcement of such an upcoming OVA within the year.

3. Last Exile: Fam, the Silver Wing will not see a U.S. release in 2013

We expected to hear from FUNimation regarding a release date for Last Exile: Fam, the Silver Wing in 2012. Unfortunately we soon learned that the series will not be released on Blu-ray in 2012 due to the Japanese licensors’ fear of reverse-importation. Instead of churning out a DVD-only release FUNimation decided to wait on the title. Since the Japanese Blu-rays of Fam are still relatively new I suspect we won’t be seeing a U.S. release of it before 2014.

4. A new season of Dragon Ball Kai will begin airing in Japan following Battle of Gods

It doesn’t make any sense that a new season of Dragon Ball Kai is in the works and yet will only be aired overseas. It makes no sense for Toei to skip over Japan since it is still the most profitable market by far for anime DVDs and Blu-rays. Using the upcoming movie Dragon Ball Z:Battle of Gods as a springboard into the new Dragon Ball Kai season makes sense, and I predict this is an opportunity that Toe will not miss.

5. HunterxHunter will finish its run in mid-2013

This isn’t a prediction as much as it is an educated conviction. The HunterxHunter anime will end in 2013, because Yoshihiro Togashi (the mangaka that draws HunterxHunter) hasn’t drawn anything new in about a year and has barely managed to finish his last arc over the course of three whole years. As much as it pains me to say this the new HD remake of HunterxHunter is destined to end just like the old HunterxHunter did – midway. At this rate I highly doubt we will ever witness a definitive end to HunterxHunter that will manage to wrap up all the loose ends in a convincing and satisfying way.

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