The Ai Yori Aoshi: The Complete Series DVD Review Is Now Available

The Ai Yori Aoshi: The Complete Series DVD review is now available in the reviews section and here.Ai Yori Aoshi Anime Classic

This collection is a great way to introduce yourselves to Ai Yori Aoshi and is definitely one of the rightfully titled classic anime in FUNimation’s anime classics line. But those who really want to know the entire story, and on the way get to read one of the best manga ever made, should definitely check the Ai Yori Aoshi manga as well. It was released in its entirety by Tokyopop, and while Tokyopop is no longer here the manga is still relatively easy to find. If you’d prefer to skip the volumes that were already animated I recommend you begin with volume 10 (which was only partly animated). The Ai Yori Aoshi anime focuses more on the fun and games in the life of the boarding house, while the manga offers a more balanced story and does not shun away from portraying the personal hurdles and hardships of life alongside the more happy occurrences seen in the anime.


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