The 5 Biggest Anime Disappointments of 2012

Konata is sad

Sometimes things just don’t happen according to plan. Expectations are not met, releases are delayed, products are mishandled and business opportunities are missed. Have a look at AnimeReviews’ 5 biggest anime disappointments of 2012.

The Price of Fate/Zero

One of the saddest things that can happen to a fan is finding his or her coveted product is way beyond their wallet’s reach. Thankfully prices of anime are usually reasonable. Not in the case of Fate/Zero though. The $700 price tag Aniplex of America affixed to their release is ludicrous. Not surprisingly both parts of the series hasn’t exactly sold very well and can still be found aplenty on TRSI. We would like to reach and grab a copy, but alas, it’s about $600 above our per-series budget. How disappointing.

Neon Alley

Opening an anime channel is a risky gamble. But opening a channel that can only be accessed from the internet, cannot be watched on demand, requires a monthly subscription fee and has commercials? That’s just a bad gamble. We are disappointed that Neon Alley isn’t half as accessible as it should have been.

Persona 4 Localized Blu-ray Omits Japanese Dub

Yes, we know the English voice acting in Persona 4 Golden for the PS Vita is excellent and we are happy to be getting Persona 4 on Blu-ray as it is. However, some purists will inevitably wash their hands clean of a dub-only release in this day and age. Furthermore knowing that the removal of the Japanese dub was a strategic decision brought forth to minimize reverse-importation from Japan still leaves a bitter taste in our mouths. Persona’s recent rise in popularity couldn’t have been more bitter-sweet.

The Kokoro Connect Incident

The Kokoro Connect incident was definitely one of the nastiest public stunts in the anime entertainment business history. It shows that some people just don’t understand the thick line between humor and abuse. This case wouldn’t have been such a disappointment if Kokoro Connect weren’t such a good show. The incident caused quite an uproar in the anime community and understandably had a negative impact on the publicity afforts for Kokoro Connect. Thankfully the series itself didn’t suffer because of it.

Media Blasters Discontinue and Cancel Products

If you endured several delays and waited for months only to find out Media Blasters discontinued or canceled your favorite show you are not alone. Media Blasters made more than one disappointing announcement this year. The first of which had to do with Media Blasters’ own employees, most of which were laid off in the beginning of the year. Then we got mention of the discontinuation of the Bakuman Blu-rays and Ikki Tousen: Great Guardians DVDs. Of course when it rains it pours and we later learned that the Kite Blu-ray, the Fushigi Yugi: the Mysterious Play OVA DVD boxed set and Gao-Gai-Gar DVD boxed sets were all canceled. To top it off several other releases were delayed yet again. Not a very encouraging year for Media Blasters, to say the least.
Did all those disappointments leave you sour? Then be sure to check our list of 5 Biggest Anime Surprises Of 2012.

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