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The 5 Biggest Anime Disappointments of 2012

Konata is sad

Sometimes things just don’t happen according to plan. Expectations are not met, releases are delayed, products are mishandled and business opportunities are missed. Have a look at AnimeReviews’ 5 biggest anime disappointments of 2012. Continue reading »

Are Old Anime The New Hype?

Shakugan no Shana Forest Burning

In the last three years we’ve seen a growing number of old anime series making a comeback. Some resurfaced as regular editions, others as collections at a budget price and some in remastered versions. This trend is definitely going strong and almost all the U.S. anime distributors are riding the wave. But are all distributors taking the same approach? And more importantly, can these old “classic” series successfully compete for our money when facing against modern HD series with all their bells and whistles? Continue reading »

Regarding the rereleases of Ouran High School Host Club and Simoun

Ouran High School Host Club New and Old Boxes

Two weeks ago, on May 15, FUNimation rereleased Ouran High School Host Club on Blu-ray. I am writing this post to let you all know that the rerelease has the exact same content found in the old Blu-ray release. The only difference is that the rerelease is a budget release and doesn’t have that shiny pink box to go along with it. In other words, if you are interested in knowing more about this anime don’t hesitate to read our blu-ray review of Ouran High School Host Club.

Additionally, on June 12 Media Blasters will be rereleasing Simoun at a really awesome price. As in the case of the Ouran Blu-ray we were also able to confirm that the Simoun rerelease is a repackage of the old DVD version. As so the product you will be getting is identical to the one we already reviewed.

If you haven’t seen any of these great series yet now will be a good time to read the reviews and “adopt an anime”.

Media Blasters Has Some Bad And Troubling News

Stop Signs

Media Blasters has postponed several of its releases yet again. This might just be a step in the company’s reconstruction efforts, but it might also be an imminent sign of something much worse. Continue reading »

Simoun DVD Review

The Simoun DVD review is now available in the reviews section and here.

Well-crafted series are always fun to watch and Simoun is one such series. It’s a shame that the series’ biggest flaw is its English subtitles. I usually don’t lower the score of an anime even if it does contain some spelling errors or an untranslated bit here and there. Translators have a hard job and hundreds of words to translate each episode. That said, Simoun had too many mistranslations for me to not mention them, and when such a thing becomes a major issue for a series some review points will be decreased.

On a more humorous note, one of the Simoun DVDs had a trailer for Kujibiki
Unbalanced smiley-laughing I bet Media Blasters never even sold a hundred copies of that thing. In fact Media Blasters was probably forced to license it as a condition for licensing Genshiken…

Why you should care about Media Blasters’ hurdles

As you may have heard according to Robert’s Anime Corner, Media Blasters will not be publishing the 2nd volume of Bakuman on DVD and the Ikki Tousen: Great Guardians Complete DVD Boxed Set. This announcement, coupled with Media Blaster’s decision to lay off 60% of its staff in January, poses real questions regarding the sustainability of the company. You needn’t be a Bakuman or an Ikki Tousen fan to understand why these are bad news, very bad news. 2012 already saw the closure of Bandai USA, and although it was a hushed closure with seemingly little ripples (caused mainly by fans of ongoing/newly licensed series which were suddenly dropped) it will prove to be a huge loss when Bandai’s back catalog runs dry. Suddenly all those series you’ve “saved for later” will go OOP. This is the tough reality behind Bandai USA’s closure and, although I hope I’ll be proven wrong, Media Blasters seems to be heading down this rocky road as well.

Media Blaster has been keeping a low profile for the last couple of years. It abstained from fighting over new licenses, rearing its head once in a while to release a new volume of the The Twelve Kingdoms, a new Queen’s Blade bundle or another “remastered” version of Magic Knight Rayearth (seriously, there are about five different DVD bundles of this thing and none of them are genuinely remastered). So one wouldn’t have been surprised if Media Blasters decided to phase out old licenses or fail to acquire hot upcoming titles. However, cutting series after a single DVD (in the case of Bakuman) or failing to release them completely (Ikki Tousen: Great Guardians) is baffling. These are both short series that could have easily made a quick buck for Media Blasters. Failing to monetize these titles can be a big mistake.
I’ve read a lot of opinions from laid back people, people who believe that even if Media Blasters closes down it won’t be that bad of a thing. These people cling to bigger companies like VIZ and FUNimation for salvation, firmly believing that those companies will rescue everything Media Blasters throws their way or discontinue. Well, I beg to differ. Sure, FUNimation rescued a lot of series following the bursting of the anime bubble, but that was back when things sounded nice and easy. Now FUNimation is caught up in a lawsuit pertaining…yep, you guessed it – FUNimation’s decision to rescue series from the late Geneon. Moreover, FUNimation has in fact yet to release most of these titles from lack of materials. Does this sound to you like a company with the money and time in its hands to rescue yet another batch of series? And VIZ? Are you sure you want a company that is infamous for dropping series halfway to rescue your beloved series?

The bottom line of all this talk is – if you like a title, support it by buying it now or when it’s available.  Fantasizing about some almighty company coming to the rescue when the forsaken fans need it to isn’t going to help sustain our beloved anime industry. Media Blasters isn’t going anywhere just yet. As of this time, Media Blasters hasn’t even officially confirmed the information regarding the infinite delays of the Bakuman DVDs or Ikki Tousen. Maybe it is us, the worried fans, who came up with the crazy idea that Media Blasters is having some unknown monetary problems. I would love to still be able to purchase the Bakuman BD set come May, even if the DVDs are discontinued. Media Blasters might not be at its peak as a company, but its loss will be bitter nonetheless. Try not to actively bring about this loss.

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