Media Blasters Has Some Bad And Troubling News

Stop Signs

Media Blasters has postponed several of its releases yet again. This might just be a step in the company’s reconstruction efforts, but it might also be an imminent sign of something much worse.

Media Blasters has just adjusted the release schedule for the following series:

  • Queen’s Blade 2: The Evil Eye DVD Complete Series
  • Fushigi Yugi Season 1 DVD Collection
  • Bakuman Blu-ray Part 1
  • Kite Blu-ray
  • Kanokon: The Girl Who Cried Fox TV + OVA DVD Collection

The full list, which includes the new (and somewhat tentative), release dates can be found here. I say tentative because Media Blasters is listing the first Bakuman Blu-ray and the Fushigi Yugi set – both of which appear to be more rumor than fact these days. Media Blasters only released half of the first season of Bakuman on DVD, and although I’d love to see the entire series on Blu-ray it seems a bit odd that the DVD releases have come to a halt. Fushigi Yugi is an entire different story altogether – a lot of people from the anime industry seem to believe that after Media Blasters’ reconstruction (in which the company fired most of its employees) the company is in no position to go on an “adventure”. Remastering and releasing a long series such as Fushigi Yugi can certainly be considered as such an adventure.
Relatively speaking Queen’s Blade 2 is probably Media Blasters safest bet. I’m not a big fan of the Queen’s Blade franchise but money talks and Media Blasters needs that money desperately. I don’t mind if Queen’s Blade ends up being the series that funds Kite and Bakuman on Blu-ray, as long as those two end up seeing the light of day. Let’s hope Media Blasters stick to this new schedule despite all the nasty rumors floating about.

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