The 5 Biggest Anime Surprises Of 2012

Konata is Hyped

2012 brought with it many anime announcements, releases and general tid-bits of fun. Among those a few news items were especially surprising and equally exciting. We count down the 5 biggest anime surprises of 2012.

Toonami returns

The return of the Toonami anime block was a sudden yet joyous one. It goes without saying that Toonami is not geared towards anime fans. Anime fans are a savvy lot. They keep their fingers on the pulse of anime, watching online simulcasts and preorder their physical copies months ahead of time. Toonami, therefore, serves a different audience. It is a lighthouse for the unaccustomed viewers that channel-zap exactly at the right moment to get a glimpse of that really cool fighting scene or that funny “crazy Japanese” gag. And in that capacity we are happy to have Toonami back. May it guide many new tender lambs into the almighty jaws of the anime world.

FUNimation releases Serial Experiments Lain

It’s not every day that one of the most renowned anime titles in history is rescued and rereleased. Being able to grab Serial Experiments Lain after so many year, and in Blu-ray form no less, is a treat. But FUNimation didn’t stop there. They released it as a premium product packed with trinkets that put other limited editions on the market to shame. We can only hope this premium edition is the first sign of things to come. In the meantime hold my calls while I devote myself completely to this masterpiece.

Right Stuf acquires The Rose of Versailles

Right Stuf’s acquisition of The Rose of Versailles seemingly came out of nowhere. It was a delightfully unexpected surprise. Later on TRSI’s Shawne Kleckner (aka The Dark Lord) admitted the success in acquiring this almost untouchable classic anime was the result of ten hard years of negotiations and approvals. We salute TRSI for finaly bringing The Rose of Versailles to U.S. soil.

Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods movie announcement

Let’s face it – the Dragon Ball movies aren’t that great. They’re predictable, cheaply drawn, out-of-canon, long Dragon Ball Z episodes. We all know that. So why be excited over yet another movie you ask? Because Battle of Gods is set in Dragon Ball Z canon, specifically in the “lost decade” that separates the end of the Boo saga from the beginning of Dragon Ball GT. This means we get to see older (but not elderly) versions of Videl, Bulma and Mr. Satan. Moreover this movie will be the first Dragon Ball media to incorporate HD visuals throughout. Prepare to feast your eyes on the most detailed Dragon Ball Z battles this side of Namek.

Sailor Moon remake announcement

All those years people thought the best thing a Sailor Moon fan can hope for is a rerelease of the old Sailor Moon series. They were wrong. A Sailor Moon remake not only makes sense, it has the potential to be a mega-hit. Unlike Dragon Ball Z, Sailor Moon has pretty much disappeared from view and was laid to rest, both in Japan and in the West. The old anime remains in licensing hell to this day, but a remake might just be what we need to rekindle that classic magical girl anime we all know (and mostly) love. A filler-free and high definition remake of one of the series that defined anime? Yes please!

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