The Humoristic Summer 2013 Anime Season Preview

anime summer 2013 season preview

The summer 2013 anime season is upon us and what better way to introduce you to it than with a humoristic season preview! This preview is low on true facts but high on the fun factor. Better yet, it implicitly tells you what is the target audience for each series, helping you decide which series is right for you. Take it with a huge grain of salt, and a smile.


Ghost in the Shell Arise

Target audience: nostalgia junkies

Ghost in the Shell: AriseWhat’s it all about: Remember when you were a teenager with pimples, growth issues and disproportional body parts? Of course you do! Production I.G knows most people remember these years very fondly. They also know that GITS:SAC is old. So in a stroke of pure genius they combined these two conclusions to create Ghost in the Shell: Arise. If you loved Motoko as an adult you’ll certainly be balls to the walls excited to see her awkwardly tomboyish high school figure. And because Ghost in the Shell was always known for its realistic presentation Production I.G is making the entire Section 9 butt ugly – just like you’re average high school graduate! The first two movies will deal with Motoko being rejected by a group of girls at school just because she doesn’t have a real body. The second movie ends with Motoko beating the crap out of the girls, all of which turn out to be robotic terrorists in the end. By the way, the movies will only air in Japan on a special event. What? You don’t live in Japan, didn’t win tickets to that special event and don’t want to wait another two and a half years to see these movies legally? Well, tough luck.


Tamayura: More Aggressive

Target audience: hardcore boxing fans

Tamayura: More AggressiveWhat’s it all about: For those of you who haven’t watched the first season of Tamayura (Tamayura Hitotose) or the OVA here’s a quick recap: Sawatari Fuu was always a fragile and cowardly girl. One day she mistakenly enters her school’s boxing club and falls in love with the sport. She starts building stamina and power but can’t really amass the muscles to back them up. To compensate she uses a quick and dirty fighting style, earning her the nickname The Typhoon (a play of words on her first name – Fuu). Thanks to her agility and her secret move – the Tamayura attack (“spinning-ball attack”) she manages to win the local light weight boxing championship and even reach the finals of the regional boxing tournement. Sadly in the finals she is completely overwhelmed by her opponent – a plump girl with cat reflexes called Momoneko. The series ended with Fuu rehabilitating after breaking her nose and one of her legs during that last match. The new season will probably feature Fuu making a comeback. Expect to see tons of fists fly, blood flowing freely and bones breaking like twigs left and right. That’s some hardcore stuff!


Rozen Maiden

Target audience: lolicons with a doll fetish

Rozen Maiden 2013What’s it all about: I’m not going to joke about Rozen Maiden. No sir. I’m going to tell you all about it without messing with it one bit. This is a show about a hikikomori boy who spends his days fixing broken dolls and toys, until one day he makes a pact with one! From there on he watches in fear as the Rozen dolls fight each other to their death. Of course them being dolls kinda takes away from the whole “death” thing. You can pretty much chop away at them as much as you like as long as you don’t take their Rosa Mystica, which is basically their souls (yeah, dolls with souls). And did we mention each of the Rozen Maidens lolis dolls has her own unique super natural attack? Yep, no need to make things up about Rozen Maiden. One teenage boy who never leaves the house, three to five living dolls with frilly clothes who love to sit on his bed and no parental supervision whatsoever. No more, no less.



Target Audience: history and drama fans

Free!What’s it all about: Free is, without a doubt, the most controversial and well-though of anime we’ll be seeing this season. Haruka, Rin, Nagisa, Rei and Makoto are all pretty boys. Since they tend to have their way of getting things they want their fellow classmates don’t think highly of them. But that’s all about to change. One day Rei hears a strange rumor about a cult operating within the school’s swimming club. Of course rumors are usually just that – rumors. But when Rei spies on the members of the swimming club he discovers the amazing, and horrifying truth: Akira  – the leader of the swimming club is a Neo-Nazi and he is brainwashing the rest of the club to become his tools. Now it is up to the five boys to infiltrate the swimming club and save their classmates from this menace. They join the club under the pretense of wanting to swim and loiter around like everyone else. But their true mission is to stop the Nazi brainwashing and bring down the tyrant Akira. I have no idea if Free! can pull this amazing plot off but I definitely am expecting great things out of it.


Genshiken Nidaime

Target Audience: 40+ guys who enjoy moe and ecchi

Genshiken NidaimeWhat’s it all about: Not to be confused with the second season of Genshiken, Genshiken second (Nidaime) is all about awkward people trying to form new friendships. Hasegawa Kodaka is in high school, but has no friends because of his blond hair and disturbing fetish for Amish clothes. He finds out that Mikazuki Yozora and Kashiwazaki Sena also have no friends. Yozora is shunned due to her sadistic nature and latex fetish. Sena is arrogant and scared that other people will look down on her since she loves playing Eroge. The three form a club – the Genshiken Friends Club. Together they try to make friends, but end up attracting even more perverted otaku. Soon the fujoshi mecha freak Shiguma Rika, the cross-dresser Kusunoki Yukimura, the nudist Takayama Maria and the hardcore vampires fan Hasegawa Kobato (Kodaka’s sister) join the club. What follows is their awkward journey to make friends, in the course of which the group will go to the pool, play an MMORPG, take their sexual frustration out on each other and barf on each other.


Futary wa Miky Holmes

Futari wa Milky HolmesTarget Audience: anyone who enjoys quality anime

What’s it all about: The blockbuster series that took Japan and the West by storm in 2010 and 2012 is back!
Milky Holmes has always stood out from the rest by providing realistic crime cases while crafting believable versions of detective figures from classic literature (such as Cordelia Gray and Sherlock Holmes). The original Milky Holmes crew were very serious and capable girls. The series’ highlights were moments of human drama that trickled every once in a while and left a deep impression on all of us. Of course, Milky Holmes would arguably not have been as successful if not for the girls’ super powers. Those were used all the time in the previous seasons and I look forward to seeing what new and exciting powers the next generation of Milky Holmes will have to offer.




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