God Eater Burst Alisa Amiella Figure By Plum

God Eater Burst Alisa 5

It took some time finding one but it was worth it. The God Eater Burst Alisa Amiella figure by Plum is one cool looking figure.

Before I begin this review I should mention that I’ve never played God Eater Burst. I bought this Alisa Amiella figure because she looked so nice and don’t really know anything about the (fictional) person behind the figure. As such do not expect me to point out differences or similarities between this figure and her game counterpart. But fear not, even if you are complete ignorant when it comes to God Eater Burst (I know I am) there is still a lot to love about this 1/7 figure.

God Eater Burst Alisa

God Eater Burst Alisa 2

God Eater Burst Alisa 3

God Eater Burst Alisa 4

Alisa comes with a stand and her weapon, which is a hybrid between a sword, a gun and a shield. Alisa’s body is supported by pegs in the legs. Her heavy weapons required a separate pole to stabilize it. The pole supports this huge weapon from the little machine gun at the back and this is a gracefully solution that doesn’t hurt the overall look of the figure. Whenever I order a figure with red paint I worry how the paint job will end up looking. I’ve experienced several occasions in which a figure that had deep red paint in the prototype pictures came with bright red paint or even a brownish shade of red instead on the final product (my Alter Vita figure looks a little on the brown side). Fortunately the red levels are appropriate here and the gradient/shading on the sword is superb.

God Eater Burst Alisa 8

God Eater Burst Alisa 5

God Eater Burst Alisa 6

God Eater Burst Alisa 7

As you probably noticed this figure is filled with small details. I like it! You can see small engravings on the clips that connect Alisa’s shirt to her skirts or observe small grooves in the metallic body of the machine gun. The paint job generally looks good and this is definitely an attractive figure. More importantly perhaps, this is one of those cool figures that even people who have no interest in anime or video games will be impressed by and compliment you on.
As for the sexiness factor Alisa’s inappropriately small shirt shows some shitapai and her short skirt flashes a bit of her underwear. You can’t remove her shirt but you can remove her skirt. You can even pose her without her weapon, thus eliminating the need for the additional pole.

God Eater Burst Alisa 9

Personally I think she looks much more impressing when fully dressed and fully geared. Either way at a prominent 1/7 scale with good coloring, an impressive weapon and an appropriate pose the God Eater Burst Alisa Amiella figure by Plum is one rad figure to have. You can get yours here.


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