The New Final Fantasy Play Arts Kai Mini are Excessively Cute

Square Enix has revealed a new line called Final Fantasy Play Arts Kai Mini which feature chibi (petite) versions of famous characters from the company’s well-established Final Fantasy franchise. The first batch includes Cloud Strife from FF VII, Squall Leonhart from FF VIII and Yuna from FF X.


All three figures come with a stand, switchable expressional faces, several props and even text bubbles. Cloud comes with a street sign while Squall and Yuna have a battle menu. Why does Cloud gets a street sign you ask? To accommodate his badass bike of course!



Squall also has access to his formal Seed attire and ultimate weapon while Yuna gets a separate new body for her gunner outfit from FF X-2, which is equipped with her twin guns. Squall even comes with a mini Cactuar and mini Pupu!  It seems Cloud’s bike “ate all the plastic” that could have been used for his alternative (Advent Children?) outfit and ultimate sword.


All three will be available in June and come at a very attractive price for what you get, if I might say so myself. Preorders for the three have already opened on Amazon Japan and AmiAmi. As a super hardcore Final Fantasy fan I already secured an order of all three. Considering the popularity of such dolls, as well as that of the Final Fantasy franchise itself, I would advise you to order sooner than later if you feel inclined.

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