Nendoroid Tsubasa Kazanari Will Bleed For You!


Nendoroid Tsubasa Kazanari is packed-full with blades, protective gears and a face with blood dripping all over it. Wait, what?

I’ve got a confession to make. This is another one of those “don’t know ‘em but gotta own ‘em” figures. I haven’t had the opportunity to watch Senki Zesshou Symphogear yet, but Tsubasa Kazanari has a unique faceplate that’s well worth the price of admission (I’ll explain why shortly). Tsubasa is one of the main characters in Senki Zesshou Symphogear, a kind of magical girl if you will. And she fights aliens with blades…many blades.





Tsubasa has an interesting outfit, but I found the quality of the painting to be lacking and the split in her neck isn’t what I would consider beautiful. The leg blades have ball joints so you can lower or lift them quite freely. She comes with three swords: a standard sword, large sword and giant sword. She also has three faceplates: smiling, angry and Swansong.

 Tsubasa Kazanari7

Her short sword is kind of ugly, isn’t it? Definitely not something I’d like her to equip on a regular basis. Fortunately it gets better from here.


 Tsubasa Kazanari5



Now that’s better! The giant sword’s hilt doesn’t have a peg so you’ll need to carefully position Tsubasa midair next to the sword in order to accomplish her kicking finisher (sorry people. I don’t know how this finishing move is called, but it was pictured on the box and is kinda cool so I’m including it anyway smiley-laughing) .

I’ve saved the worst and best parts of this figure for last. Nendoroid Tsubasa Kazanari comes with a little Noise figure. It’s so little and so pointless that I found little to no reason to take a picture of it. Instead I’m gonna use it as a dot from now onnoise

The best part of this figure is of course the Swansong faceplate. To learn what exactly the word Swansong means we turn to our good friend Wikipedia:

“Swan song – A song sung by a Symphogear user that unleashes the full power of the Symphogear into a massive attack. However this causes great damage to the user’s body…”

Tsubasa Kazanari11


And this is the result of Tsubasa using her Swansong – tears of blood! And is it just me or is she smiling?! That sick…in a good way. This faceplate is what makes the Tsubasa Kazanari Nendoroid so desirable. I mean, it’s a bleeding face. Think of the possibilities….

Bloody Chariot

Nendoroid Chariot is bloody awesome.

Ok, so that’s just a mockup I made to stir you up (Chariot won’t be coming out until June). But it did prove the point didn’t it. Speaking about points, remind me again why this figure came alongside a small chunk of purple plastic? noisenoisenoise

You can find Nendoroid Tsubasa Kazanari on both AmiAmi and E2046.

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  • Maia Kasoya

    You’re not #$%#@#$%, are you? :o

    • Kazuo

      No, but we are friends. Sranngurenn actually watched the show so when I bought the figure he wanted to take pictures and do a review. We ended up each doing his own review, but I waited for a few weeks to give his blog “exclusivity” before publishing my own.

  • Nopy

    You should consider yourself lucky that you missed Symphogear, it’s really not worth the time.

    I actually passed on this figure because the anime was so bad, now I’m thinking that maybe I should get one. Lots of swords is always good, and her Swansong face is epic.

    • Nadav

      Really? I considered picking it up when Sentai releases it. I only saw the first episode but thought it had some original ideas. I guess it only went downhill from there?

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  • Pingback: [BLOCKED BY STBV] Nendoroid Tsubasa Kazanari Will Bleed For You! | Anime Reviews | Book Reviews()

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