C.C. Lemon Personification Illustration Contest

Lemon 9Suntory has created a contest on Pixiv in which contestants are requested to create a persona for the companies C.C. Lemon soft drink. The winning artist will receive 200,000 Yen. Suntory will also pick 200 outstanding artists among the contestants which will each get a C.C. Lemon can in the mail with their own drawn design. Here are some of the impressive entries from the contest.

Right click on the pictures and select “open in a new window” to view the pictures in full size.


Lemon 2

lemon 3

Lemon 8

lemon 4

Lemon 5

Lemon Link


In the past Suntory used The Simpsons to promote C.C. Lemon’s mascots. Another promotional campaign included Mr. C.C. Lemon – an American actor dressed entirely in Yellow.

For more pictures visit the contest’s official Pixiv page.

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