Xa Colors Art Book Overview

xa colors

Xa is a french artist and the main designer behind the strategic MMORPGs Dofus and Wakfu. Xa Colors is his first commercial art book. Care to have a look?

Xa Colors is 125 pages long. The art book itself is size A3, but the pictures within it vary in size and shape. Most of them are A4 size, but others are smaller and a few stretch across two full pages.

xa colors 1

Each of the pictures has a title (in French) and Xa even describes which program he used for each drawing.

xa colors 2

The book is divided into several chapters: original drawings, Dofus, Wakfu, sketches, tributes and more. The beginning of each chapter has a nice short introduction in both French and English. In these introductions Xa explains some background about the various works and illustrations he has done throughout the years.

xa colors 3

As Xa himself explains he likes to put emphasis on the female body, which gives his females their curvy sexy look. He tends to draw his male characters a bit on the goofy side.

xa colors 5

As the lead designer of Wakfu he also had to render some background and polygon characters for the game. The art book has a few pages filled with such models. Xa also took part in the Wakfu animated series and added several sketches from that project to his book as well.

xa colors 6

You can see more of Xa’s illustrations in his Deviant Profile. Xa Colors is available here.

Lastly I’d like to thank Wieselhead for introducing me to this lovely art book. You can read his review of Xa Colors and see different pictures from the book in his blog.

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