Tales Of Xillia Milla Maxwell Figure From Alter Is Jaw-Droppingly Beautiful

TALES OF XILLIA Milla Maxwell5

One of the great joys of being a figure collector is being able to see the figure companies outperforming themselves as the years go by. With the Tales Of Xillia Milla Maxwell figure Alter definitely outdone itself. This figure is one of those rare cases in which the figure you receive looks better than the retail picture posted pre-release. But don’t take my word for it. I think the pictures I took can speak for themselves.

Milla Maxwell is one of the main characters from the JRPG Tales of Xillia. ToX came out last year in Japan and is currently pending a worldwide release. But even if most of you haven’t played the game yet you can still appreciate a beautiful figure when you see one right?


TALES OF XILLIA Milla Maxwell2

A lot of care has been given to Milla’s clothing and hair. As a result I find it a pleasure to look at her, no matter from which angle I look.

TALES OF XILLIA Milla Maxwell3

TALES OF XILLIA Milla Maxwell4

Now that we’re done ogling at her appearance from afar let’s get down to the nitty-gritty. There is a lot to love here as well.

TALES OF XILLIA Milla Maxwell5

TALES OF XILLIA Milla Maxwell6

Milla’s hair has a nice gradient. The blue strand of hair on top is made from transparent plastic.

TALES OF XILLIA Milla Maxwell7

Even though this is a very colorful figure the colors blend quite effectively. Her red boot laces for example don’t overshadow the pink pattern on the boots. On the contrary – the red complements the pink and gives it a soft feeling, which in turn makes the boots appear like they were made out of leather and not plastic.

TALES OF XILLIA Milla Maxwell9

TALES OF XILLIA Milla Maxwell10

TALES OF XILLIA Milla Maxwell11

TALES OF XILLIA Milla Maxwell12

As you can see there are a lot of small patterns and pieces to this figure. I especially liked how the black belts wrap around her thighs. And of course, how can one ignore that cute belly button!

  TALES OF XILLIA Milla Maxwell8

This is how the back of her sword looks like. Alter has already mastered the art of making plastic look like steel so no surprise here.

Overall another impressive figure from Alter. It gives out a cool vibe and isn’t revealing in the least (although I guess this might be a minus for some). As of now it’s my second favorite Alter figure, right after Aegis Art Works Ver.
Tales Of Xillia Milla Maxwell by Alter is available right now for a great price on AmiAmi. If you prefer to buy your figures on U.S. soil and don’t care if the price is a bit bloated you can also find it from several sellers on Amazon.


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