Atelier Rorona & Totori & Meruru Premium Art Book Overview

I’ve always had a sweet spot for art books, specifically manga-style art books. I also love the Arland Trilogy, which consists of the PS3 games Atelier Rorona, Atelier Totori and Atelier Meruru. And since Atelier Meruru’s English debut is right around the corner I pampered myself with the Atelier Rorona & Totori & Meruru Premium Art Book – an art book which conveniently packs the art of all three games together! Now, this art book is in Japanese and has yet to receive an English translation, but it’s super import-friendly nonetheless because…well, it’s an art book filled with pictures. As some of you are aware Udon Entertainment released a translation of another Atelier art book called Atelier Series: Official Chronicle Artbook. I was tempted to buy that book, until a closer look revealed that only a small portion of it was resereved for Atelier Rorona, while Totori and Meruru were altogether absent. You see, the book Udon chose to translate deals with all the Atelier games (of which there are many) up until Rorona. On the other hand Atelier Rorona & Totori & Meruru Premium Art Book, as its name implies, deals exclusively with the Rorona, Totori and Meruru games.

The book is A4 sized. The soft cover has a nice matt finish. It’s a sturdy book that’s a little hard to bend, which is a good thing because it sustains less “bending damage”. Also, being sturdy means its spine will not bend and crack like my Dark Horse copy of Clover did on the first day. Thanks Dark Horse!

There are 256 pages in total, all in full color. Some pages are reserved for in-game pictures.

Other pages show character profiles, rough sketches and story boards.

There are also a few pictures containing mild nudity, which I will not include here unless you ask for them in the comments. Expect to see the Atelier girls AND the atelier boys in the nude. These pictures were not part of the original games (obviously) and were drawn specific for this book. They were all drawn in good taste and are not obscene (don’t worry, no one is stealing your dear wifu). This art book was rated A, which stands for Absolutely beautiful!

All in all it’s a great addition for those of you who love the Arland trilogy and want an art book dedicated specifically to it. You can get one here.
There was “that” one important scene from Atelier Rorona which for some unknown reason was not included in the art book. So I took the liberty of taking a picture of said scene directly from the game itself. I’ll put it here as part of the art book overview, just for completion sake.


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