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Comments are important to us here. We love hearing what you think about our posts and reviews, and would like to help you express your opinions in the most convenient way possible. So I’ve decided to let you choose which type of comment system you’d prefer to use. Please take a minute of your time and vote in a poll to let us know which comment system you prefer.

I’m always trying my best to make as interesting and accessible as possible. I’m quite happy with most of the features currently available on the website. But one thing has been constantly bugging me: people rarely ever comment. Granted, not every person likes to leave comments and some only comment on the issues that interest them the most. But I can’t shake the feeling that perhaps people are not commenting due to the way the current comment system works. AnimeReviews currently uses Disqus – a system that do require you to register once but is otherwise very streamlined and easy to use. It allows people to post pictures and links, and to edit their comments after they post them (for a limited amount of time). So as you can see Disqus is quite handy.
That said I can understand why some of you might dislike the initial need to register. So I’m considering reverting back to the regular WordPress comment system – a system that requires you to input a name and email address for every comment (it will remember them after the first comment you post). The WordPress system does not require registration but is less streamlined than Disqus because it doesn’t allow you to add pictures to your comments or edit comments after posting.

Ultimately I would like to leave the choice up to you. Please vote to let us know which comment sytem works for you.
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