Changes and additions to the website

Here’s a quick list of all the new interface-related stuff which were added to Anime Reviews during the last couple of weeks:

  • Removed CAPTCH from the comment form and added a tick box instead. This saves people time and still filters bots nicely.
  • Added an RSS feed, which can be found in the link section to the right.
  • Added a legal disclaimer (Just in case ;)), which can be found in the link section to the right.
  • Added an upcoming review status bar on the right. This allows me to update you on the status of the next review with ease.
  • Added a contact me page in the main menu. Use it if you want to write me a private massage.
  • Added pull quotes to the reviews. I love pull quotes and will use one to spice things up whenever I write a long review.
  • Unified the font and text size on all reviews. I’m currently using the Ultimate TinyMCE plugin to write on this blog and couldn’t do it without it. I’d like to thank Josh Lobe for creating this essential and usefull WordPress plugin. If you’re a WordPress user you own it you yourself to check out his website. I’ve added his website’s link to my brand new blogroll, so feel free to visit whenever you feel like it.

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