New Trophy earned!

Yay! I got my first trophy! Who did I get it from? The internet spirits of course.

It’s been three months since Anime Reviews went up, and I think the blog/reviews website has been doing pretty good. I managed to squeeze all the reviews I had the time to write. My goal is always to write a good review, which by my standards means a review that touches on the content of the anime, the quality of DVD/BD and the overall impression. I’ll try to maintain my current pace for reviewing and, of course, blog a bit more.

I’ve only two small grieves with the current state of the website. The first is about the layout of the main page, which I will eventually pay someone to change for me (because I know nothing about HTML, CSS or Jquery). The second are the comments, or more specifically the lack of them. I’d love to see more of you comment on my reviews and blog posts. Like my review? Say it! Dislike my review? Speak up and make your stand. Have a specific question about something I didn’t mention in the review? Fire away!

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