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A whole year in anime reviewing has ended. Today AnimeReviews turns one year old! In celebration I’ve decided to write a little bit on the reviews of yesteryear, the few upcoming changed that will probably happen in the following weeks and my hopes for AnimeReviews in the near future. Come on in and enjoy the blabber. There’s cake! Continue reading »

The Melody of Oblivion DVD Review

The Melody of Oblivion DVD Review is now available in the reviews section and here. Since I pretty much summed up everything I deemed important in the review here’s some light trivia about the series:

  • The mechanical baby dolls shown in the series are “duplicates” of Kewpei – the famous mascot for a Japanese Mayonnaise company by the same name.
  • The names of the attacks used by the Melos Warriors are all names of winning hand in Poker.
  • Some characters in the series are named after a single English letter. For example, one girl is called Q, while another woman is called P.
  • Sayoko’s chain was designed to have the same ability as Haruko’s chain (from FLCL). However, unlike Haruko’s chain Sayoko’s chain actually functions from time to time.
  • All the women in the world of the Melody of Oblivion possess large breasts. This is presented as a fact of nature. Coco, the only woman with real proportioned breasts, is said to still be a child.
  • The Melody of Oblivion is one of the rare series in which Japanese money bills are depicted in realistic detail.

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