Revenge Of The Sabers (And A Creepy Cute Mayo Chiki! Figure)

Saber downpour

Did you take part in the Good Smile Company’s 10th anniversary product request polls last month and asked for more Fate/Zero and Fate/Stay figures? Don’t worry, GSC heard you loud and clear, and will be releasing 10 different Fate figures in the next four months. Happy now?

Last month I lamented the fact that during Good Smile Company’s 10th anniversary product request polls too many people aggressively asked for more Fate/Zero and Fate/Stay figures despite Good Smile Company’s announcement that it will be releasing some soon. The result? A flood of Fate figures. Here are the upcoming figures listed by date from first to last. I’ve taken to liberty not to add pictures because I don’t want to spam Anime Reviews with pictures of identical Sabers:

Nendoroid Saber : Nendoroid Complete File Edition, Nendoroid Petite : Fate/hollow ataraxia (a set of 12 figures), Nendoroid Saber : 10th ANNIVERSARY Edition (a rerelease of the original saber Nendoroid), Saber Lily (scale figure), figma Kiritsugu Emiya, Saber ~Triumphant Excalibur~ (a rehash of a Saber figure released a few years ago), ex:ride Spride.05 : Saber Motored Cuirassier (for use with the figma line of figures), figma Saber: Zero ver. (this is a rerelease), Nendoroid Saber : Zero Ver., figma Fate/Extra CCC Virgin Bride.

So what is my take on this downpour? I think GSC is really overdoing it. I’m sure a lot of Japanese figure fans are looking at their wallets right now and weeping quietly. However, some of these are interesting products nonetheless. Rereleases and rehashes aside the ex:ride Spride.05 : Saber Motored Cuirassier is actually a pretty attractive little thing. The Nendoroid Saber : Zero Ver also looks really cool with the included motorcycle, even though GSC totally stole that idea from Square Enix’s Final Fantasy Trading Arts Kai Mini figure line. Oh, and I believe GSC hasn’t even officially announced that they will be releasing the Fate/Extra CCC Virgin Bride figma. But it will be bundled with the Fate/Extra CCC PSP game which will come out in Japan in late 2012.


Crazy Mayo Chiki! figures!

Moving on we have two figures from the Mayo Chiki series. Later this month a Narumi Nakuru 1/4.5 scale figure will be released by A Plus. This is a cast-off erotic figure, but here’s how she looks in the original art and in figure form when dressed.

Original Narumi Nakuru


Narumi Nakuru Figure

More interesting however is a figure of Sakamachi Kureha, also from Mayo Chiki, which A Plus will be releasing in late August.

Original Sakamachi Kureha

Sakamachi Kureha Figure

And from the side:


Sakamachi Kureha 2 Figure

Now personally I really like this figure. It’s bold, it makes a statement and it is completely loony! I’m not sure the expression on her face makes the best erotic face one can ask for, but it is kimokawaii (“creepy cute”). And since this is a cast-off figure you can remove her head and use it as a giant Nendoroid Petit eating floating head boss! Sweet!


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