The 5 Most Promising Figures From Winter WonFest 2013

Chariot Black Rock Shooter Nendoroid

I didn’t like this winter’s WonFest (Wonder Festival) 2013 very much. From companies that weren’t ready and showed mostly cardboards with pictures, to tons of figures that weren’t painted yet, to companies that keep producing rehashed figures of the same brands. Not to worry though. These faults made the best figures around all the more attractive, and I’m here to offer you my pick for the 5 most promising figures from WF2013. Plus a couple of extras! Continue reading »

Speculating On A New English-Dubbed Fate/Zero Blu-ray

Neon Saber

Is there a new English-dubbed Fate/Zero Blu-ray in the works? Will it be cheaper than the Japanese Blu-ray? And when is it safe to assume it will be released? Join us for an intellectual speculation storm. Continue reading »

Riding On The Fate/Zero Waver

Waver Velvet Alter 1

The next big figure to be released in the Fate/Zero franchise is none other than the feeble Waver Velvet. Both Mega House and Alter will be releasing his figure so I’ve prepared a little comparison post that will cover both. As a bonus you can also get a glimpse at the upcoming Mega House Rider figure.

Waver Velvet is perhaps the black sheep of Fate/Zero. A shy and feeble boy that enlisted into the Grail War without understanding what it was, Velvet proved to be the only pure-hearted combatant. The decision to make a figure of him instead of the other, more iconic, servants goes to show that somewhere along the way Velvet has won the favor of the viewers.

Mega House Waver Velvet

Mega House Waver Velvet 1

Mega House Waver Velvet 2

Mega House Waver Velvet 3

Mega House Waver Velvet 4

The first Waver figure comes our way courtesy of Mega House and will be released in late March 2013. This Waver comes with two face: his “normal” expression and a slightly agitated expression. Other props include a book on epic poems he borrowed from the library and a blood-red stand.

Waver and Rider

Waver and Rider 2

Mega House Rider Figure

Mega House is also planning on releasing figures of Rider, Gilgamesh and Lancer in the near future. The first two pictures of Rider are from Waver’s figure description page and as such can be considered a mockup. However the last one was taken in the MegaHobby Expo Autumn 2012 that took place this month and show what appears to be a sample of the final product.

Alter Waver Velvet

Waver Velvet Alter 1

Waver Velvet Alter 2

Waver Velvet Alter 3

Waver Velvet Alter 4

Later in April Alter will release their own version of Waver. This figure will be part of their Altair line that targets the fujoushi female fans. This waver also comes with two face plate: shy and shier. He has a clear base and is accompanied by a mini Rider figure. Interestingly mini Rider is just 5mm short of your average Nendoroid Petite figure.

Comparing the Two

Both figures are 1/8 scale renditions of Waver and both figures are plain, since Waver as a whole is a plain young man. However, that is where the similarities end. There is a big gap in quality between the two figures. Mega House’s figure is not as accurate or attractive as his Alter counterpart. I strongly believe Mega House got Waver’s eyebrows and lips wrong. The book he is holding is also a questionable addition and I think a different object, such as his “admirable great tactics” T-shirt, would have been more appropriate.
The Alter Waver is more polished and (from the picture alone) seems to have better coloring. I should deduct some points off his overall score for having two faces that are hardly that different. However, If we take into account that both figures are targeted at the female audience, and that this audience will probably love that vulnerable look, Alter’s rendition of Velvet is spot-on.
Of course, all of these pale in comparison to the mini Rider figure included with the Altair Waver. I’m sure many otaku who don’t have even the slightest of interest in Waver will buy this figure just to add Rider to their Nendoroid Petite or Bandai’s Chibi Arts‘ collection. Other figure collectors might want to wait for a more impressive rendition of Rider and the rest of the Fate/Zero Servants.

Mini Rider
Mini Rider is the real winner of this round, and he knows it!

As of now the Waver Velvet figure by Mega House can only be preordered from its official Japanese Mega House page. Alters’ Waver is available for preorders here and here.

Spring 2012 Anime Season Retrospective

Acchi Kocchi Season End

 Another season has come and gone. In the middle of the season we had the Spring 2012 Anime Season Digest – Half Point, in which I summaries series and dropped the worst for good. Now it’s time for the grand finale. The time to separate the good from the bad, the series worthy of your time from those that will only waste your time. This is the Spring 2012 Anime Season Retrospective. Come and get your fix. Read about the ugly, the bad and the good, and discover what the best spring anime series is. Continue reading »

Revenge Of The Sabers (And A Creepy Cute Mayo Chiki! Figure)

Saber downpour

Did you take part in the Good Smile Company’s 10th anniversary product request polls last month and asked for more Fate/Zero and Fate/Stay figures? Don’t worry, GSC heard you loud and clear, and will be releasing 10 different Fate figures in the next four months. Happy now? Continue reading »

5 Best Anime/Game Motorcycle Figures

Black Rock Biker

Were you stocked when you saw that new Fate/Zero Saber figma riding that bike last week? Don’t worry, we got you covered. Here’s a list of the coolest, meanest, shiniest lumps of metal a figure has ever laid hands on. Continue reading »

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