The Fate/Zero Saber: Zero ver. Figma Doesn’t Look So Good

Saber Zero Bike

Today we take a closer look at the Fate/Zero Saber: Zero ver. Figma that Good Smile Company released last month.

The Fate/Zero anime is super popular. So popular that the fans have used every opportunity to ask for new Fate/Zero figures despite the market already being  flooded with Fate-related figures. Last month Good Smile Company gave Saber yet another figure iteration. GSC has had very good results with Saber figures in the past (some say that their Saber Lily figure is the best figma ever created. I tend to agree). But somehow this new figma just isn’t up to GSC standards. Let’s see why.

saber front back

Wearing her stylish black suit Saber looks really nice. The tight suit means GSC couldn’t use an elaborate dress or accessory to hide the ball joints but the figure still manages to look both cool and refreshing. The shoes are a bit of a letdown though. They are just brown blocks of plastic. I don’t remember whether or not we go to see any close-ups of Saber’s shoes in the series, but GSC could have just made something up for the figure.

Saber has bad hair

When we look at Saber’s face it’s obvious something went wrong in the production line. GSC is known for sculpting superbly good looking faces. Yet this time around the strands separating Saber’s hair are blocky and have tiny plastic pieces that should have been removed. She has the worst hair I’ve ever seen on a figma. Surprisingly her second hair piece (seen in the second picture below) also has these flaws. One good thing I noticed about this figure is the bulky Ahoge strand. In the previous figures it used to be a bit on the flimsy side and tended to bend and break. This figure’s ahoge won’t break on you. The necktie is also awesome.

Saber Smiling

Saber comes with a mukuchi (“speechless/silent”) faceplate, a “warm smile” faceplate and the mandatory anger faceplate.

Saber Angry

Her accessories include replaceable arms, her sword Excalibur, Avalon (Exalibur’s sheath) and a shabby plastic sword GSC claims is Excalibur’s invisible form. Needless to say, the invisible sword looks extremely cheap. Those who have the regular Saber figma will recognize Excalibur and Avalon from their previous figures because these are basically the exact same parts used for that old figure.


With swod and sheath

The invisible Excalibur is supposed to be used with a special swinging extension to have its full effect. But this is how it looks:

Crappy Sword

Impressive it is not. It looks really cheap. Good thing you can take that plastic “wave blade” thingy and attach it to Excalibur’s hilt:

Proper Swrod

Ah, much better. Still, not a very impressive add-on. To sum it up, Good Smile Company seems to have taken the easy road when they created this figure. It’s not refined like those that came before it and uses the “spare parts” of another figure. Of course there is one thing you can do with this figure that most of you have been dying to do since that awesome Saber & Saber Motored Cuirassier figure was announced in January.

Saber Zero Bike

Sadly the figure doesn’t come with an awesome motorcycle. But this picture above was taken with a separately bought motorcycle, the type you can buy at any toy shop. The figure’s relatively small size and many articulations make it a breeze to position her comfortably on the bike. Maybe buying this figure was worth it after all…

The Fate/Zero Saber: Zero ver.Figma is is available now.


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