Vash the Stampede 1/8 ARTFX J Kotobukiya Figure Review

Trigun Kotobukiya1

With its crimson jacket, trigger-unhappy gun and spikey hair the new Vash the Stampede figure from Kotobukiya is the best Vash figure yet.

More than a year after the humble success of Trigun: Badlands Rumble the official movie figure arrives from Kotobukiya. Trigun has a history of shady figures behind it, but this time around you are in for a pleasant surprise, because this 1/8 figure is way up there in terms of quality.

Trigun Kotobukiya2

Trigun Kotobukiya3

Trigun Kotobukiya4

Vash’s pose is a bit weird to discern at first. After much thought I’ve decided he’s about to jump into a furious shootout, but isn’t facing that menacing of an enemy (hence the cocky smile).

Trigun Kotobukiya5

Trigun Kotobukiya6

Vash comes with his signature sunglasses, which are removable. Vash’s face, specifically his hair, is my least favorite part of this figure. His hair is golden (instead of being wheat-yellow) and looks a bit cheap compared to the rest of the figure.

But aside from the hair this figure’s details are a beauty to behold. And behold them we will:

Trigun Kotobukiya7

Trigun Kotobukiya8

Trigun Kotobukiya9

Trigun Kotobukiya15

All the metal bits appear believable and the crimson coat has a nice consistent black gradient. The small creases in the coat make it more dynamic and cool. The burnt edges of the coat, while not that noticeable, are also a nice touch.

Trigun Kotobukiya10

A wild Kuroneko-sama has appeared?!

Trigun Kotobukiya11

Kuroneko-sama comes with his own stand and his head can be rotated to the left or right. Since his legs are almost as thin as his whiskers he cannot stand on his own and tends to spend most of his time laying on the floor…or rolling across it. It’s a nice omake, but don’t expect miracles from it.

Trigun Kotobukiya12

Also included with the figure is the bloody stand you see above. It’s a bit generic but fits perfectly with the mood and color palette of the rest of the figure.

Trigun Kotobukiya13

Trigun Kotobukiya14

Trigun Kotobukiya16

Vash the Stampede 1/8 ARTFX J  from Kotobukiya is not only the first Vash figure I’ve seen on the market in years, it’s also the best Vash figure ever made. If you are a Trigun fan you own it to yourself to have this amazing figure of “the Humanoid typhoon” displayed in your room. Vash the Stampede 1/8 ARTFX J is available now.


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