The Claymore Blu-ray Review Is Now Available

The Claymore Blu-ray Review is now available in the reviews section and here.

Claymore is different from other Shounen Jump titles in varies ways. Most of these are pointed out in the review. I’d like to mention one that isn’t. Despite being a popular manga in Shounen Jump magazine Claymore only had one TV season. This is very odd considering that Jump has a tendency to make seasons upon seasons for its franchises. So why didn’t Claymore get a second season?

My theory is that this stems from the non-filler nature of the Claymore anime. The first anime covered volumes 1-11 of the manga and had no fillers (although the two last episodes of the anime were not adapted from the manga). Usually Shounen Jump relies heavily on fillers to “stall” the anime versions of its franchises. This did not hold for Claymore (and most will agree that this is a good thing). Now, in japan the 22th volume of the manga will only be released June. If the first anime season is any indication then for a second season to be made at least 11 volumes are needed. In other words: when volume 22 comes out there will be enough materials for a second season. That is unless Shounen Jump decides to wait for the manga to end first (Norihiro Yagi is showing signs of wanting to end it soon). Would you like to see a second season of Claymore?

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