The Plainest Nendroid Figure Ever

Can you guess who is the character Goodsmile chose to depict in their latest Nendroid figure? I couldn’t blame you if you can’t. This is the newly announced Nendroid figure of Azuki Miho from the Bakuman manga/anime. As a Bakuman fan I feel Azuki isn’t the most appropriate character from the series to get a Nendriod figure. I’m not suggesting that Azuki isn’t important enough to guarantee her a figure, but visually she perhaps has the most boring character design out of the entire Bakuman crew. She doesn’t sport a very anime-ish design doesn’t she? I read comments elsewhere saying that her figure can qualify as a Nendroid version of a regular Japanese girl!

Usually the more bold-looking or colorful characters in a series receive the Nendroid treatment. The Bakuman character most suited for a Nendroid is of course the awesome Nizuma Eiji. His Nendroid figure was announced way back in 2011 and will be released in April, one month before Azuki. Which character from the series would you pick for a Nendroid makeover? The polite Aoki? The spunky Miyoshi? Or maybe the hotshot editor Hattori?!SmileySmileySmiley

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