Tamashii Nation 2012 Event Figure Gallery

S.H. Figuarts Zero Tiger and Bunny 3

Last month, between the 26th-28th of October, Bandai held its annual figure event Tamashii Nation and I was there to take the pictures and appreciate the fine art. There was a wide selection on display, from the bigger S.H. Figuarts ZERO to the tiny Chibi Arts. Have a peek to see some of the upcoming figures, alongside longtime favorites.

S.H. Figuarts ZERO

We start with the S.H. Figuarts ZERO line and the less glorified Figuarts ZERO line. These are about 160 mm height. The S.H. stands for “Super Heroes”. The ZERO is a reference to the fact that these figures have zero articulations. There were tens of Figuarts lined up on the show so I handpicked some that tickled my fancy (this process basically repeated itself in every single exhibit. If I were to take a picture and post every single figure on display you would be looking at a 40+ photo gallery).

S.H. Figuarts Zero Tiger and Bunny 1Tiger and Bunny

S.H. Figuarts Zero Tiger and Bunny 3

S.H. Figuarts Zero Tiger and Bunny 2

On the whole the Tiger and Bunny figures were in good taste. It just goes to show that good character designs can go a long way. They all look great! Well, except for this one ugly tiger:

Ugly Tiger and Bunny Figure

Yikes! Buy this figure if you want your friends to think you got a cheap knock-off figure of Batman.Undecided

S.H. Figuarts DurararaHeiwajima Shizuo and Orihara Izaya (Durarara)

Next we move on to the regular Figuarts ZERO line.

Figuarts Zero 1Magi

Figuarts Zero 3

Figuarts Zero 5

Figuarts Zero 6

Figuarts Zero 2

Figuarts Zero 8

Figuarts Zero 9Ranka Lee (Wish of Valkyria)

Cure Pine (Pretty Cure)Cure Pine (Pretty Cure)

Figuarts Zero 11Saber (like you didn’t know)


Next we have Bandai’s AGP line.

Impressive Strike Witches ExhibitThis was a really impressive Strike Witches AGP exhibit with all of the Strike Witches figures Bandai had put out along the years. The exhibit itself was impressive; The figures within it not so much.

AGP BandaiMisaka Mikoto (A Certain Magical Index)

Gundam Wing 1Gundam Wing Magical Girls

Gundam wing 2

Gundam Wing 3

Chibi Arts

The Chibi Arts line is Bandai’s answer to Good Smile Companies’ Nendoroid series. Again, there were quite a lot out there and these are just my personal favorites.

Chibi Arts 1

Bandai will also release a fully clothed Sinbad Chibi Arts figure but this one easily takes the cake.

Chibi Arts 2

Chibi Arts 3

For some odd reason this figure is 100 times better than that S.H. Figuarts figure of the same character. I guess the mask was the real stinker…

Chibi Arts 4

That’s it for the Tamashii Nation 2012 event. I hope you enjoyed all the figures and maybe even marked one down for a future purchase. Some of these are already in stores while others are planned for release during 2013.


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