It’s Dangerous To Go Alone! Take This Link Figure

figma Link

This week we are having a Legend of Zelda special, with two upcoming “ultra detailed” figures of Link from Medicom Toy and a review of figma Link from Max Factory!

Ultra Detailed Link figures by Medicom Toy

Ultra Detailed Figure Wind Waker LinkUltra Detailed Figure The Legend of Zelda Link

We’ll begin with Medicom Toy, which is releasing not one but two Link figures. These are both tiny figures with a height of 6cm. Not to be discouraged Medicom Toy made sure the figures will be very impressive by giving them a tower of letters instead of a name. How are they called? Well, take a deep breath. I’ll even put an underline under the names to make sure you follow. They are named Ultra Detail Figure No.177 Series 1 Link from The Legend of Zelda and the Ultra Detail Figure No.178 Nintendo Series 1 Link From “The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker”.
Cumbersome names aside both figures are part of the Ultra Detail line which feature tiny figures with impressive details. Just look at the shield on the Wind Waker Link or the belt buckle on Legend of Zelda Link. Tiny tidbits of joy.
Both figures will be released in January 2013 and sold at a super-cheap price. You can preorder The Legend of Zelda Link here and Wind Waker Link here. By the way, that last sentence had four links in it! …I know. Not funny. Sorry….

Figma Link by Max Factory

figma link 2

Impressive or not, those Zelda fans who prefer adult Link will probably pass on those two figures. Luckily for them Max Factory has released just that – an adult Link figure. Technically figma Link is modeled after Skyward Sword Link. But who cares about technicalities when you have such a gorgeous figure to play with!

figma link 3

figma link 4

The figure comes with Link’s most iconic gear: the Master Sword, the Hyrulian Shield and the “haiya!” facesmiley-laughing

figma link 7

figma link 8

figma link 6

Figma Link is surprisingly agile and easy to pose, even for a figma. This figure…just looks good no matter what is does. I don’t know if it’s got something to do with the color palette, the face, or the simple weaponry, but every time I posed Link his motions looked fluid and convincing. The Master Sword is a bit on the simple side, but the Hyrulian shield he holds is truly epic. Look at all the nice details. I especially like the triforce. Another thing that I found strangely fitting was the way he holds the shield with his hand. That handle/buckle thing his arm holds to stabilize the shield makes even the back of the shield attractive.

figma link 10

figma link 9

figma link 11

I have a secret: I don’t like figma figures that much. Most of them have bony limbs and diapers for pants. It also takes a lot of effort to position them effectively. This is why I’m genuinely impressed by figma Link. Positioning him for this review was a rewarding experience. It was fun playing around with him, and I think that sort of says it all.

Figma Link is a bit hard to find right now. It pretty much sold out everywhere. I’ll be sure to update this review when a buying option becomes available.


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