Princess Of The Crystal 1/8 Scale Figure By Good Smile Company

Princess of the Crystal

Today we’ll be taking a look at the upcoming Princess of the Crystal figure from Good Smile Company. Princess of the Crystal is a character from the anime Mawaru Penguindrum (or Mawaru Penguin Drum if you prefer semi-proper English in your titles). This character already recieved a nendoroid version before but now GSC is giving her the full 1/8 scaled treatment.

Princess of the Crystal 3

Princess of the Crystal 8

These are pictures taken from a prototype but I have to say that the sculping is excellent. The wrinkled shirt and the strings that hold the shirt together are done in good taste. The hem of her dress and the sleeves on her arms look almost as if they were made out of cream.

Princess of the Crystal 4

The paint job looks way better than those Madoka Magica figures GSC released in the last months. The paint job is super accurate and glossy, even if you check it really closely.

Princess of the Crystal 2

When viewed from above her hat looks as if it’s possessing her. It’s an evil penguin woman!

Princess of the Crystal 7

Even though Princess of the Crystal is standing on the front part of the base her dress flows all the way to the back of the base, giving the figure more volume.

Princess of the Crystal 6

Usually you need to look from below or tilt the figure to see its panties, but in Princess of the Crystal’s case her lower part is “maru mie” (completely shown).

Princess of the Crystal 9

You can take off her skirt. Removing her skirt hurts her royal aura, but enables you to see her left hand. I do believe that Good Smile Company chose quite an odd location for the left arm. This would be a pretty uncomfortable position for a real human to stand at. Since her panties were already visible with the skirt there is no real difference in that regard when you look at her from the front. Looking at her from the back do reveal some new features.

The Princess of the Crystal figure by Good Smile Company is set to be released in December 2012 and can be preordered now.


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