The Blue Submarine No. 6 Special Edition DVD Review Is Now Available

The Blue Submarine No. 6 Special Edition DVD review is now available here and in the reviews section.

I’d like to use this post to talk a bit about the Blue Submarine No. 6: Antarctica PlayStation game that never made it outside of Japan. I always feel bad when a game that truly adds something to the anime/manga world it was based upon doesn’t get licensed in the U.S. Realistically speaking I can’t blame Bandai USA for not localizing this anime-based game. I mean, just look at the Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex PS 2 game and the Sky Crawlers: Innocent Aces Wii game. Both were genuinely good games and were released when anime was popular outside of Japan, and yet they still didn’t receive any attention from gamers. When I watched the animation clips taken from Antarctica and read some of the game’s scripts (all of which are available on the third DVD of Blue Submarine No. 6) I understood how much love went into making this game. In fact it made me feel that the OVA would have been much better if it was expended into 8 episodes to include the game’s plot. Antarctica had so many appealing main characters, none of which made it into the OVA. Antarctica also proved once and for all that Kino is in fact just a bystander whose purpose is mainly to ask questions and bug the other people around her Undecided

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