From the New World

2013 Winter Anime Season Retrospective

Robotics;Notes end

The 2013 Winter anime season was remarkably strong, with more than one or two notable series that you should definitely watch. Continue reading »

2012 Autumn Anime Season Retrospective

From the New World Autumn Season Finale

The 2012 autumn season was a promising one. It had many fresh series, some of which turned out to be good against all odds. But as always there are a few bad series in the mix and one undeniable ugly series that – if you let it – will waste your time for one thousand and one nights. Continue reading »

Analyzing From The New World

Analyzing From the New World

From the New World takes place in a rich and deep world. Parts of this world are still shrouded in mystery, but as the episodes go by the series slowly unravels its secrets. Thankfully we have now reached a point in the story in which we can finally start piece together what we have seen and understand a considerable part of the bigger picture. Here’s an in-depth analysis of some key elements shown in the first 9 episodes of From the New World. (warning: some early episodes’ spoilers up ahead). Continue reading »

Autumn 2012 Anime Season Digest – Half Point

Robotics Notes Autumn Season Half Point

A wise old man once said: “with a great season of anime comes great responsibility”. Okay, maybe he didn’t. Nevertheless after arguably two slow seasons we are finely experiencing a flood of quality anime. Some I will be writing about for the first time. Others I’ve already covered in my first impression posts and will check back and see how they fare.  Continue reading »

First Impression: From The New World (Shinsekai Yori)

First Impression From The New World

A future where people seem to be living in the past. A seemingly lack of technology in the outside world but an advanced system of genetic engineering that dictates the limits of all humans from the inside. Amazing kinetic powers that are a blessing to some but a curse for most. From the New World is filled with contradiction that can be inspected and appreciated. Continue reading »

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