The Clannad Blu-ray Review Is Now Available

Clannad Blu-ray CoverThe Clannad Blu-ray review is now available in the reviews section and here.

I think it takes a certain degree of maturity to fully understand the inner workings of Clannad. When I first saw Clannd (back in 2009) I couldn’t really relate to any of the characters and though that the series portrayed angst for angst sake. I ended up discarding it as a series that creates unnatural situations for the sole sake of squeezing an emotional response from us. I was wrong. Three years later, and after experiencing a bit of personal grief myself, Clannad rings true to me more than any other drama series.

Here’s an interesting trivia fact for you: Clannad and Toradora coexists in the same world. In one scene the Toradora crew is seen passing alongside the Furukawa bakery. How awesome is that!


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