Acchi Kocchi (Place To Place) Is A Super Cute And Relaxing Light Comedy

Acchi Kocchi Tsumiki

Acchi Kocchi (or Place to Place as it is called in English) shares a lot of similarities with series like Lucky Star and Working! that came before it. It’s a series based on a 4Koma (4 panel comedy) manga, which follows three girls and two boys as they go to school and goof around in their funny and harmless ways. Acchi Kocchi is actually more than just similar to Lucky Star: one of the characters – Tsumiki – is almost identical in looks and athletic prowess to Konata (although they differ in personality) and another character – Hime – is in fact a miniature double of Hiiragi Tsukasa. On a different note one of the boys – Sakaki – bares a suspicious resemblance to Sunohara Youhei from Clannad. Somehow I feel that these mild references are not just pure coincidences…

Everyone in Acchi Kocchi is in chibi form, but even among the chibi-people Tsumiki is considered petite. The tiny Tsumiki is in love with Io – a gentle boy from her class. In a predictable case of love mixed with comedy everyone in school has already noticed that she loves him, except for Io himself. But Tsumiki’s love for Io is gentle in itself, and the series excels at portraying Tsumiki and Io making small nods of affection to each other. It’s all pure and harmless fun. When the series is not busy at portraying this subtle love affair we are usually greeted to light comedy gags in the form of both visual and verbal jokes. In common 4Koma fashion each scene is usually dedicated to one joke. After the joke plays out we move on to the next scene, which may or may not happen in a different location. Since most of the characters are students a lot of Acchi Kocchi’s scenes happen at school, but the students do leave school from time to time and venture to new territories.

The premise of Acchi Kocchi is plain and not very original, but somehow it has just the right amount of light comedy and cuteness to stand out and be lovable and enjoyable to watch.

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