Lucky Star

Spring 2012 Anime Season Digest – Half Point

Hyouka TV

The spring 2012 anime season is choked full of series. Some are good, some are bad and some are just ugly. Now that we got to the half point it’s time to see which are the keepers and which are the stinkers. Continue reading »

Acchi Kocchi (Place To Place) Is A Super Cute And Relaxing Light Comedy

Acchi Kocchi Tsumiki

Acchi Kocchi (or Place to Place as it is called in English) shares a lot of similarities with series like Lucky Star and Working! that came before it. It’s a series based on a 4Koma (4 panel comedy) manga, which follows three girls and two boys as they go to school and goof around in their funny and harmless ways. Continue reading »

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