FUNimation To Release Shakugan no Shana Season 1 On Blu-ray This August

Shakugan no Shana

TRSI has listed FUNimation’s August release schedule, which includes more of the classic series from the Geneon and ADV libraries. The Shakugan no Shana DVD/Blu-ray combo will be making an appearance. Read more to see the entire list of upcoming goodies.

May is all about Sentai with upcoming releases such as the K-ON!! Season 2 Blu-ray Collection and the No. 6 Blu-ray Complete Collection. This, coupled with the old classics which are coming out in July, are sure to make a lot of anime fans happy on this summer. But if your wallet is still too heavy and you have a craving for even more anime both new and old check out these upcoming releases FUNimation will be presenting us come August:

  • Is This A Zombie? DVD L.E. (August 7)
  • Oblivion Island: Haruka & the Magic Mirror DVD/Blu-ray combo (August 14)
  • Trinity Blood DVD (August 14)
  • Shangri-La DVD Part 1 L.E. (August 21)
  • Shangri-La DVD Part 2 (August 21)
  • Shakugan no Shana DVD/Blu-ray combo (August 21)
  • Freezing Blu-ray/DVD Combo L.E. (August 28)
  • Ergo Proxy (rescheduled to august 28 instead of July)

Also making a comeback are Disgaea and Kaleido Star Season 1 which are set to receive S.A.V.E editions. All the items above are available for preorder and TRSI is currently hosting a special discount campaign for all of FUNimations’ products including preorders (the campaign will end on May 17th). Do you plan on buying any of these upcoming releases?

On a different note it seems that the Anime Reviews’ Top 10 Forgotten Anime List is proving to be accurately predicting our future. Perhaps I should have wrote a top 20 list?

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  • Kryonec

    I was pleased when I saw RightStuf update their store with Shakugan no Shana and even more so as a BD/DVD combo, but I can’t say the same for Is this a Zombie?… DVD only? I was really disappointed. Kadokawa is showing that they really don’t care about US fans by not allowing US licensors to distribute a BD version of the shows they have the rights to and I will probably skip out on the DVD because of that sadly.

    On another note, I found your site on AnimeNano and I have to say it’s a great site. I set up my own site to review items I purchase but haven’t gotten anywhere since I’m busy with work/school but at least I can enjoy reading your site, I’ll be a regular for sure.

    • Nadav

      Hi Kryonec. Thank you for visiting the website. I fully agree with you on Is this a Zombie? I love Blu-rays and hate it when Japanese companies delay the U.S. Blu-ray due to fear of reverse-importation. I hope you won’t have to wait too long before a Blu-ray version is announced.

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