How Episode 12 Completely Shuffled Psycho-Pass

Kunizuka Yayoi Psycho-Pass

How can a series with an unpromising plot improve? By returning back to the past and developing one of the characters that up to this moment remained in the sidelines. Episode 12 of Psycho-Pass does just that by telling Kunizuka Yayoi’s personal story. As it turns out her story is arguably the best piece shown in the series so far. But there’s a problem: Yayoi’s emotional past and strong personality completely overshadows Akane, leaving some question marks hanging in the air.

Who would have thought Kunizuka Yayoi – the woman who always glanced silently at Akane and had absolutely no role up to this point – could prove to be the most relatable and human character in Psycho-Pass. It is a surprise as it is an insult to find this out so late in the series. Why hasn’t Yayoi been introduced at a much earlier point? And why is she suddenly put under the spotlight after being so thoroughly ignored until now?

These are both intriguing questions that should be asked. However answering them at this point will not change the episodes that have already come and gone. There is, however, a third question that can make a big difference on the series’ future: who needs the passive Akane as the main lead when Yayoi is such a charming and capable character?
Regardless of what you think of Akane she has shown time and time again that she is useless. To me she is there to add a moe element to a series that futily tries to deny having one. What has Akane done so far? If she is always so passive and nonchalant why should I even care about her?

Suddenly all those episodes where I blamed myself for not “tuning in to the Psycho-Pass vibe” makes sense. It wasn’t me that had it wrong; it was the script writers who kept pushing the boring Gino and Akane to the front when a gem like Yayoi lurked in the shadows, begging to add some needed depth into this emotionless anime.


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