The Melody of Oblivion DVD Review

The Melody of Oblivion DVD Review is now available in the reviews section and here. Since I pretty much summed up everything I deemed important in the review here’s some light trivia about the series:

  • The mechanical baby dolls shown in the series are “duplicates” of Kewpei – the famous mascot for a Japanese Mayonnaise company by the same name.
  • The names of the attacks used by the Melos Warriors are all names of winning hand in Poker.
  • Some characters in the series are named after a single English letter. For example, one girl is called Q, while another woman is called P.
  • Sayoko’s chain was designed to have the same ability as Haruko’s chain (from FLCL). However, unlike Haruko’s chain Sayoko’s chain actually functions from time to time.
  • All the women in the world of the Melody of Oblivion possess large breasts. This is presented as a fact of nature. Coco, the only woman with real proportioned breasts, is said to still be a child.
  • The Melody of Oblivion is one of the rare series in which Japanese money bills are depicted in realistic detail.

.hack//Quantum Blu-ray and DVD Review

The .hack//Quantum review is now available in the reviews section and here.

It took me a lot of time to write this review, and for good reasons. You see, I’m a huge .hack fan, to the point where I even read obscurities such as .hack//Zero. So I was pretty excited to watch Quantum. But when I did something strange happened: It didn’t make any sense to me!
So I decided to take up my PSP and finally finish my old save of .hack//Link – the game that chronologically came before this OVA. Only after playing the game a bit, and watching the OVA a second time, did I understand .hack//Quantum’s plot to the fullest. Well, except for the Sophia part. What the hell is Sophia?

I hope .hack fans will forgive me for not giving this title a better score, but it’s not hard to see why I scored it the way I did. I look forward to seeing the movie .hack//Beyond the World sometime in the near future in the hope that it will shed more light on the newest iteration of The World.

The Girl Who Leapt Through Time Blu-ray Review

Join us as we screw around with time in The Girl Who Leapt Through Time Blu-ray review. The review is available here and in the reviews section. I pretty much summed up everything I wanted to say about the movie in the review itself, but here’s a couple of interesting trivia facts about this title:

  • The movie is very loosely based on a novel by the same name written by Yasutaka Tatsui. It’s been out of print for ages in the U.S., but was recently published in the U.K. by Alma Books. Check it out if you want a different take on the same concept.
  • If you look closely at the refrigerator in Makoto’s house you’ll notice her mom attached notes to it with the expiration dates of all the food inside. How weird.
  • In one scene a girl is hit by a fire extinguisher thrown her way. If you pause the movie at the moment of impact you will discover that the fire extinguisher didn’t actually touches her. How weird #2.

Redline Blu-ray Review

The Redline review is now available here and in the reviews section. Subscribe to us on Facebook if you’d like to receive a notice every time a new review comes up.

Watching Redline was a bitter-sweet experience. The movie leaves so many background stories untouched and so many characters unexplored! The director and creator do confess in the movies’ commentary that they didn’t have enough run time to add more background, and that the Redline book (released in Japan last year) contains a little bit more details. But I feel that’s just not enough. Ideally it would have been great if Redline could have been a three hours OVA. Realistically it took Mad House seven years just to finish this one hour and a half movie. So realistically speaking it could have been great if someone releases a Redline manga covering the lives of all the racers before the Redline race. One manga volume per character could have been a nice treat. It would have developed the Redline universe as well as allow us to better understand the racers’ motives.

I’ll finish this post with a question that has been on my mind ever since I got my copy of the Blu-ray. How come, despite the remarkably high picture quality of Redline, Manga Entertainment chose to use a grainy looking picture with an ugly white line obtruding the image for the DVD and Blu-ray covers?

We may never know…

Angel Beats! Blu-ray Review

The Angel Beats! review is now available here and in the reviews section. I’ve had a hard time deciding how to rank this show. The show itself is great, but there were so many little annoyances around it! The Blu-ray menus were really bad, and for a while I considered lowering the series’ rating for the way Sentai handled it. In the end I pulled away, looked at the series from an overall perspective and decided to let it slide. Don’t let this great show slide under your radar!

Ouran High School Host Club Blu-ray Review

Finally! Watching 26 episodes for a weekly review is hard! There’s even a nice little video in the end! So I command you to go read the review even if you aren’t interested in the actual series! Just kiddingLaughing

Have you noticed the upcoming review status bar on the right? I’ll be updating my review status there. That way the blog itself won’t be filled by “still watching X” or “expect the X review in two days” and so on.

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