.hack//Quantum Blu-ray and DVD Review

The .hack//Quantum review is now available in the reviews section and here.

It took me a lot of time to write this review, and for good reasons. You see, I’m a huge .hack fan, to the point where I even read obscurities such as .hack//Zero. So I was pretty excited to watch Quantum. But when I did something strange happened: It didn’t make any sense to me!
So I decided to take up my PSP and finally finish my old save of .hack//Link – the game that chronologically came before this OVA. Only after playing the game a bit, and watching the OVA a second time, did I understand .hack//Quantum’s plot to the fullest. Well, except for the Sophia part. What the hell is Sophia?

I hope .hack fans will forgive me for not giving this title a better score, but it’s not hard to see why I scored it the way I did. I look forward to seeing the movie .hack//Beyond the World sometime in the near future in the hope that it will shed more light on the newest iteration of The World.

.hack//Quantum released today. Will be reviewed soon.

Hi everybody. This post is just a quick heads up to inform you that I intend the review .hack//Quantum as soon as possible. I did pre-order the title and it was shipped about 4 days ago, but it takes forever for these stuff to arrive at my place (I live in a pretty far away place). For now I’ll leave you with the cover art of the Japanese limited edition release. I wonder why FUNimation chose the cover art of the regular edition over this one?

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