Redline Blu-ray Review

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Watching Redline was a bitter-sweet experience. The movie leaves so many background stories untouched and so many characters unexplored! The director and creator do confess in the movies’ commentary that they didn’t have enough run time to add more background, and that the Redline book (released in Japan last year) contains a little bit more details. But I feel that’s just not enough. Ideally it would have been great if Redline could have been a three hours OVA. Realistically it took Mad House seven years just to finish this one hour and a half movie. So realistically speaking it could have been great if someone releases a Redline manga covering the lives of all the racers before the Redline race. One manga volume per character could have been a nice treat. It would have developed the Redline universe as well as allow us to better understand the racers’ motives.

I’ll finish this post with a question that has been on my mind ever since I got my copy of the Blu-ray. How come, despite the remarkably high picture quality of Redline, Manga Entertainment chose to use a grainy looking picture with an ugly white line obtruding the image for the DVD and Blu-ray covers?

We may never know…

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