The Ghost In The Shell: Stand Alone Complex: Solid State Society Blu-ray Review Is Now Available

The Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex: Solid State Society is now available here and in the anime reviews section.

GITS SAC SSS Blu-ray CaseI’ve had the pleasure of reading the entire Ghost in the Shell manga and watching the original movie (about six or seven times) and all the GITS:SAC media. Among those my all times favorites are the first season of Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex and the Solid State Society. The first season of GITS:SAC advanced the franchise forward by being more coherent and more informative than its predecessors. Solid State Society goes one step further and redirects GITS back to its manga roots without taking away from its TV charm. It’s an intricate movie, yet less demanding than its older siblings. I hope to eventually cover the entire GITS spectrum here on Anime Reviews. But for now I’m just satisfied by how good Solid State Society turned out to be.


The Black Rock Shooter Blu-ray Box Review Is Now Available

The Black Rock Shooter Blu-ray Box review is now available in the reviews section and here.

This short series turned out to be one of the best I’ve seen in recent years. Since the Blu-ray version has English subtitles and I loved the series itself nothing stopped me from buying it when it came out in Japan (although I did postpone my buy until I arrived to Japan for obvious reasons). Be sure to read the review if this title interests you, and don’t judge this TV series on the basis of the previous OVA. They are, thankfully, very different.

The R.O.D The Complete Blu-ray Box Review is now available

The R.O.D The Complete Blu-ray Box Review is now available in the reviews section and here. As this review is in fact a review of two titles (R.O.D The OVA and R.O.D The TV) I tried a different approach for reviewing it, making it a bit easier on the eye.

Since I haven’t done it recently I thought I’ll do a little trivia section for this OVA and series. See how many of these you already know!

  • Yomiko Readman’s first name, Yomiko, is made up of the verb Yomu (“to read”) and the vowel ko, which is traditionally used in Japan as an ending in a girl’s name. So a literal translation of Yomiko Readman’s name in English would be “Readinggirl Readman”.
  • The name of the Chinese company Dokusensha is written in Chinese. However the word Dokusensha, if written in Japanese with a different  set of kanji, can be oddly translated as “the one who monopolizes [something]”.
  • The Read or Die OVA’ opening theme shows several screens filled with English text. Most of this text is incoherent but there are some strangely coherent sentences. For example one sentence says “get 20 quiet cats at a student discount price“. Another interesting sentence would be “a gift from the emperor who doesn’t compensate even if he breaks something during a home run“.
  • In episode 8, when Anita is in charge of writing a report on today’s school activities, she writes the following (in Japanese): “The principles’ lectures are always boring and make me sleepy. Rock and Roll“.
  • The Midnight Liberation Zone movie poster in Hisami’s room feature pictures of real people (as opposed to drawn images).

The Trigun: Badlands Rumble Blu-ray Review Is Now Available

The Trigun: Badlands Rumble Blu-ray review Is now available in the reviews section and here.

It was nice watching Vahs and his friends one last time on TV. Truth be told, although there was nothing wrong with the old TV series Badlands Rumble gives me false hopes that someday some studio will do an HD reboot of Trigun and follow the manga closely. A fan can dream right?


Ouran High School Host Club Blu-ray Review

Finally! Watching 26 episodes for a weekly review is hard! There’s even a nice little video in the end! So I command you to go read the review even if you aren’t interested in the actual series! Just kiddingLaughing

Have you noticed the upcoming review status bar on the right? I’ll be updating my review status there. That way the blog itself won’t be filled by “still watching X” or “expect the X review in two days” and so on.

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